Exhibitions in Barcelona now and in the coming days

Exhibitions that will make you think, know the artistic currents of the past and the present, and that will allow you to glimpse how our world will be in the near future. In the museums and cultural centers of Barcelona, you can approach other countries and other cultures, other people of distant civilizations in time or reflect on the aspects that influence our society, for better or for worse. In the tangible: painting, sculpture, architecture, video, photography, books, utensils, objects or a little of everything, well organized, in an installation.

Gaudí Exhibition Center
Experiences, Exhibitions
14/05/2018 to 16/02/2020

The Gaudí Exhibition Center uses RV "4D" technology to highlight the pioneering ideas of Gaudí in the most innovative way.

It is counted behind the bone - Space of pain
26/12/2018 to 31/12/2019
Free event

One of the first works of "la Caixa" Collection of Contemporary Art that was acquired in 1985 and permanently installed in CaixaForum Barcelona in 2002.

La Casa dels Entremesos
01/01/2019 to 31/12/2019
Free event

La Casa de los Entremeses brings together in a free exhibition historical and innovative elements of the festive imagery of the city.

Pintores del Pi
Exhibitions, Local markets - Flea markets
01/01/2019 to 31/12/2019
Free event

With more than 40 years, it's the oldest and most established outdoor exhibition in Barcelona, managed by the artists themselves, always willing to discuss their work with visitors.

Antoni Tàpies. Profound Certainty
14/03/2019 to 29/09/2019

This exhibition is an extension of the one that was presented, with the same name, in the Antoni Tàpies Foundation several months after its inauguration in 1991.

10/04/2019 to 24/09/2019

"Quantum" is an international project that has its origins in Collide International, the most important Arts at CERN program that is carried out in collaboration with FACT Liverpool.

Chevy azul y pareja bailando © José María Mellado
07/06/2019 to 27/08/2019
Free event

50 Photos With History proposes a journey through the last eighty years of photography in Spain. Each photograph has a history and reflects the history of an era and the way photography was understood.

Picasso, the Photographer’s Gaze
07/06/2019 to 24/09/2019

The Picasso, the photographer's gaze exhibition is a trip to Pablo Picasso's universe through photography. The photographs of this exhibition have been selected from the personal archives of the artist from Malaga.

© Francis Picabia, VEGAP, Barcelona, 2017
12/06/2019 to 15/09/2019

This exhibition presented by CaixaForum Barcelona analyzes the artistic vanguards from a wide selection of works from the IVAM collection, and complemented by design pieces from the Alfaro Hofmann Collection (unique worldwide on industrial design, which highlights the value of the object as a sym

Summer nights in CaixaForum
Cinema, Concerts, Exhibitions, Shows
01/07/2019 to 29/08/2019

During the months of July and August, at CaixaForum, there will be concerts, shows, exhibitions and movies.

Saturdays of Classic Music
Concerts, Exhibitions
13/07/2019 to 28/09/2019

The MEAM is located in the Palau Gomis which opens its doors in the labyrinth of the streets of the Barrio del Born in Barcelona. In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions, the MEAM organizes other events.

Conference/Debates, Exhibitions
19/07/2019 to 01/12/2019

An exhibition that is actually two, plus an extensive program of activities. The CCCB presents "Feminisms!", A project that brings together the exhibitions "The Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s. Works from the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna" and "Choreographies of gender".

Panopticon_Frontier 601
20/07/2019 to 20/10/2019
Free event

Panopticon_Frontier 601 by Nora Ancarola (Buenos Aires, 1955) is based on Michel Foucault's investigations of the 1970s on disciplinary mechanisms from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

Tallers oberts Poblenou - TOP
Children, Exhibitions, Special
12/09/2019 to 15/09/2019
Free event

The platform Tallers Oberts Poblenou (TOP) was founded in 1996 with the aim to open the neighborhood artistic spaces to dialogue with citizens.