Exhibitions in Barcelona now and in the coming days

Exhibitions that will make you think, know the artistic currents of the past and the present, and that will allow you to glimpse how our world will be in the near future. In the museums and cultural centers of Barcelona, you can approach other countries and other cultures, other people of distant civilizations in time or reflect on the aspects that influence our society, for better or for worse. In the tangible: painting, sculpture, architecture, video, photography, books, utensils, objects or a little of everything, well organized, in an installation.

The World of Banksy
16/06/2020 to 31/12/2021

After the success of the exhibition The World of Banksy in Paris, Espacio Trafalgar brings to us the work of the master of Street art.

It is counted behind the bone - Space of pain
01/05/2021 to 31/12/2021
Free event

One of the first works of "la Caixa" Collection of Contemporary Art that was acquired in 1985 and permanently installed in CaixaForum Barcelona in 2002.

© teamLab. Courtesy of Pace Gallery
Experiences, Exhibitions
17/05/2021 to 09/01/2022

What happens at a certain moment will not happen again in the same way.

The colours of fire. Hamada - Artigas
04/06/2021 to 08/01/2022

During 2021 the MNAC will organize various exhibitions and activities to get closer to the artistic relations between Catalonia and Japan. This exhibition is part of that initiative.

Friday's Blues
Concerts, Exhibitions
25/06/2021 to 17/12/2021 - 19/12/2021

The MEAM museum is located in the Palau Gomis which opens its doors in the labyrinth of the streets of the Barrio del Born in Barcelona.

Barcelona Flashback. Story kit in 100 objects
25/06/2021 to 24/12/2021 - 26/12/2021 to 31/12/2021

The MUHBA Casa Padellàs, inaugurated in October 2019 "Barcelona Flashback, Story Kit in 100 objects", with the idea of ​​creating an innovative exhibition structure based on synthesis.

ImagenCafé - Palomo Spain
Conference/Debates, Exhibitions
01/07/2021 to 31/12/2021
Free event

imaginCafé, imagin's brand space, is a cultural space in Barcelona that organizes monthly free attractive cultural proposals with leading artists, in the form of live talks, exhibitions or workshops.

Gaudí Experience
Children, Experiences, Exhibitions
13/07/2021 to 05/04/2022

You will find the exhibition space that houses Gaudí Experience very close to Park Güell and can be useful as an introduction to the work of the most important architect of Catalan Modernism.

The Amusement Room in the attic of the Marès
Children, Exhibitions
14/07/2021 to 24/12/2021 - 26/12/2021 to 31/12/2021

The Frederic Marès Museum opened its attic to the public last year; undoubtedly the ideal place to set up an Amusement Room.

Saturdays of Classic Music
Concerts, Exhibitions
18/09/2021 to 18/12/2021 - 08/01/2022

The MEAM is located in the Palau Gomis which opens its doors in the labyrinth of the streets of the Barrio del Born in Barcelona. In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions, the MEAM organizes other events.

To Exhibit · Not to Expose · To Expose · Not to Exhibit
24/09/2021 to 24/12/2021 - 27/12/2021 to 31/12/2021 - 02/01/2022 to 05/01/2022 - 07/01/2022 to 09/01/2022
Free event

Under the title To Exhibit · Not to Expose · To Expose · Not to Exhibit, the new Santa Mònica presents its first programming cycle.

The photographic exhibitions of KBr Fundación MAPFRE
30/09/2021 to 24/12/2021 - 26/12/2021 to 31/12/2021 - 02/01/2022 to 05/01/2022 - 07/01/2022 to 16/01/2022

KBr Fundación MAPFRE is an exhibition center focused on photography, which has two large exhibition spaces, a bookstore, an area for educational activities and a multipurpose auditorium.

Pintores del Pi
Exhibitions, Local markets - Flea markets
16/10/2021 to 26/12/2021
Free event

With more than 40 years, it's the oldest and most established outdoor exhibition in Barcelona, managed by the artists themselves, always willing to discuss their work with visitors.

MIRA.mov: Exploring Visual Languages
03/11/2021 to 22/12/2021

The Ideal Digital Arts Center, the first center in southern Europe dedicated to the production and exhibition of digital arts, offers us a monthly cycle of immersive screenings that aims to create a new creative circuit of new digital trends.

The point of sculpture
09/11/2021 to 05/03/2022

For this exhibition, the artist David Bestué has selected a hundred works that offer us a journey through modern and contemporary sculptural practice, although it also includes ancient works and objects without authorship.

19/11/2021 to 06/03/2022

Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926) is an internationally recognized architect whose figure, sometimes turned into a brand, has become loaded with clichés.

BANKSY. The Art of Protest
27/11/2021 to 13/03/2022

BANKSY. The Art of Protest has received more than one million visitors on its world tour.

El pesebre tradicional de Barcelona
27/11/2021 to 24/12/2021 - 26/12/2021 to 31/12/2021 - 02/01/2022 to 02/02/2022
Free event

The Barcelona Nativity Scene Association rebuilds the city's traditional nativity scene in the courtyard of the Frederic Marès Museum. This year the theme will be the union between Roman and current Barcelona.

World Press Photo of the Year, The First Embrace, Mads Nissen, Politiken/Panos Pictures
30/11/2021 to 12/12/2021

Seventeenth edition of the World Press Photo in which the photographs and multimedia pieces that are exhibited, have received this prestigious international award for photojournalism.

Frida Kahlo, the life of an icon
Experiences, Exhibitions
01/12/2021 to 27/02/2022

The new immersive exhibition at the Ideal Center d'Arts Digitals will guide you through the life and work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (Coyoacán 1907, Coyoacán 1954) one of the most influential artists of all time.

FC Barcelona: Players Experience Tour
Children, Experiences, Exhibitions
07/12/2021 to 16/12/2021 - 19/12/2021 to 24/12/2021 - 26/12/2021 to 31/12/2021 - 02/01/2022 - 07/01/2022 to 16/01/2022

A guided tour that will allow you to know places in the Camp Nou that are not normally visited or are visited too quickly.

Jazz&Soul Nights
Concerts, Experiences, Exhibitions
11/12/2021 - 15/01/2022

The Mas Ravetllat-Pla, one of the buildings of the Ramón Pla Armengol Foundation, houses one of the most valuable private furniture collections in the world.

The Mask Never Lies
15/12/2021 to 01/05/2022

An exhibition about masks and masked people, at a time when we all live behind them, but "The mask never lies" is not about pandemics, or their ravages.

Christmas in the Museums of Barcelona
Children, Cinema, Exhibitions, Shows
23/12/2021 to 09/01/2022

The museums and other municipal cultural spaces of Barcelona have prepared a Christmas adapted to the current situation, but with a great diversity of proposals aimed at the majority of the family audience, but also at the adult audience.