Markets and flea markets in Barcelona

Do you want to find a second-hand dress or something unique and sophisticated? Are you looking for a cassette player (recognize it, you have returned to the ferrochrome tapes) fresh out of the factory or it is ok for you a Sanyo radio cassette from the 80s? Markets of all kinds in Barcelona. Markets with the latest or flea markets where the most important is the second or third hand. There are also gastronomic, entertained with concerts or DJs. Many have a bit of everything and so you can eat well and at a good price, they call some foodtrucks. As for the frequency with which they are held, there are weekly, monthly, semi-annual and when they can.

Encants Vells - La Fira de Bellcaire
Local markets - Flea markets
08/01/2020 to 30/12/2020
Free event

The most important outdoor market of Barcelona has an official name (La Fira de Bellcaire) but its popular name (Encantes, Encants in Catalan) is better known than the official.

Pintores del Pi
Exhibitions, Local markets - Flea markets
06/06/2020 to 31/12/2020
Free event

With more than 40 years, it's the oldest and most established outdoor exhibition in Barcelona, managed by the artists themselves, always willing to discuss their work with visitors.

Barcelona second hand market, all for 1 €
Local markets - Flea markets

Flea market and exchange in Barcelona since July 2011. All you will find for the same price: 1 € !! The Barcelona Second Hand Market is a market in which everybody can offer his own stuff (clothes, books, video, appliances, magazines, toys, etc ...) for sale or exchange.

El Flea Market
Local markets - Flea markets
Free event

The Flea is a market that promotes sustainable trade in buying and selling second-hand goods. The Flea Market in Barcelona, born in 2007, is held on the second Sunday of each month, and it is a place to buy, sell, trade, socialize and have fun.

Give'me 5!
Local markets - Flea markets

Give'me 5! All at € 5 is a second-hand market, with outlet proposals, sale of stocks and everything that you can think of. Its distinctive value, reflected in its name, is that everything it offers costs € 5 or less. Give me € 5 and I'll give you something back, or not.