Parking lots in Barcelona have always had a reputation for being expensive, but that has changed. For some time now there have been online options aimed at tourists and visitors in general that allow you to park your car in Barcelona without the parking space costing almost as much as a room in a budget hotel.

To save money when visiting Barcelona it is a good idea to buy discount cards and combined tickets that offer discounts to enter the best museums, the major tourist attractions and to have flat rate using public transport in Barcelona. In addition to money, you can save time because in many cases you can avoid the long lines that are formed to buy tickets at the places of interest. We present here the most important cards so that you can check which ones may interest you more according to your preferences and the duration of your stay in Barcelona.
It is one of the most emblematic transports of the city. Las Golondrinas  are motor-driven boats, located in the Moll de les Drassanes, at the end of the Ramblas and take short-trip cruises through the port of Barcelona.
Thera are two cable cars in Barcelona: the Port cable car and the Montjuïc cable car...
It is understandable that on a trip we want to save the most money, and parking in Barcelona is not cheap, although there are parking options for days in the center of the city that have cheapened the parking cost. But now it's about totally free, where to park for free in Barcelona? Is it possible? ... Yes, it is. In some areas and spaces 24 hours a day and others in limited hours. Discover where, the pros and cons of each area, and other important aspects.
Among the transports cataloged as peculiar and old in Barcelona are the funiculars, although we should say they were...
Hasn't it happened to you that you have arrived in a city with suitcases and have several hours off before you can leave them at the hotel or apartment you have reserved? The truth is that visiting a city, even for just a few hours, with some bags is not a good idea. Fortunately, there are cities like Barcelona that offer interesting luggage storage systems.
In summer time, the idea is having a drink close to the sea. The phenomenon of beach bars in Barcelona comes to mind, with chefs who are committed to this tradition: leisure by the sea with good food and a drink, and having fun.
In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, in the Gothic Quarter, is a place for calm. To sit there and read a book is possible in this remote place. Built on top of the site of an ancient medieval cemetery and it has a Baroque church and a water fountain with an octagonal base in the center. The terrace of the square, which belongs to the Hotel Neri Barcelona, a five stars hotel, and having a drink there is a delight in this quiet environment.
The Royal Hotels Barcelona hotel group has reopened its hotels, supported by a philosophy that seeks to offer security, tranquility and fun to guests. Those who stay in the hotels of the Royal group will notice it in the reception and in the experiences they have created for each type of client. With this new philosophy, which they have called "Easy Life by Royal Hotels", they are also committed to promoting the Barcelona brand and tourism in the city. To achieve this, they have created synergies with companies in the environment, which promote the sustainable economy and Km0.