Rent a boat in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city in which the Mediterranean Sea is a great protagonist in its past and present history. In fact, Barcelona is located touching the sea because the Romans arrived through the Mediterranean and founded a military camp that ended up being the city we know today.

A good hotel in Barcelona of 3 stars

All right. But what is a good hotel? Is it a hotel that offers good value for money? Or is it a hotel where everything is perfect? We define a good hotel as the establishment in which nothing excels in the negative, everything works as it should and also offers pleasant surprises.

Cinema on demand in movie theaters of Barcelona - Crowdticketing

When it seems that everything is over, when a change in a certain sector causes a jolt that shakes its operating principles sometimes arises a hope that is supported, in part, in the new rules of the game. Perhaps it is a too epic description of what Screenly means, the cinema platform on demand based on the crowdticketing that was born in Barcelona in 2015 and that directs its trip from Barcelona and Madrid, but no, it is not.

A walk on the Montjuïc mountain – Views of Barcelona at dawn

The name of the mountain is Montjuïc, but Wikipedia says that a mountain is usually defined as any summit at least of 700 metres high above sea level and the Montjuïc "mountain" has only 173 metres above sea level.

To get to Barcelona by car from France

If you are using a GPS or you like to get lost (get lost is an adventure) because you are using a worn out plan, which a friend who has been in Barcelona 5 years ago, has given to you just before you started your trip or you use an Online route planner, you don´t need to read this article which opens our blog, somehow late.

Other peculiar transports of Barcelona

Las Golondrinas

.It is one of the most emblematic transports of the city. Las Golondrinas  are motor-driven boats, located in the Moll de les Drassanes, at the end of the Ramblas and take short-trip cruises through the port of Barcelona.

Barcelona public holidays and local festivals

Barcelona is a city with a lot of tradition and celebrates a great number of fiestas, some are catalan traditions, some are traditions of the city of Barcelona and others are quarter traditions. Each quarter (barrio) celebrates its own festival every year with music, dance and eating and drinking in the streets.

Where to eat patatas bravas in Barcelona

The art of "tapear" is a widespread practice in Barcelona. Octopuses, ham, croquettes ... and "patatas bravas", the traditional bravas of bars and restaurants, prepared with secret recipes, which are always served with a special sauce. Let's find out where to eat the best patatas bravas in the city of Barcelona.

The Barcelona of Miró: after the footsteps of the artist

If something defines Barcelona is its most artistic aspect. Something that can be seen throughout the city, thanks to the number of painters, sculptors and architects who have lived in it and have left their mark in the quarters and squares.

Centennial shops in Barcelona: History and Tradition

Although some hundred-year-old shops in the city have already seen a better life,  Barcelona is fortunate to have emblematic establishments, located in historic buildings, now run by other generations of the founding families.  

In addition to preserving their most traditional trait, they have been able to adapt to the new times and offer artisan products, always different and worth knowing it. The centennial businesses of the city have a distinctive plaque at the entrance, which catalogs them as unique and important shops, from the historical, commercial and patrimonial point of view of the city.


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