The Barcelona of Miró: after the footsteps of the artist

If something defines Barcelona is its most artistic aspect. Something that can be seen throughout the city, thanks to the number of painters, sculptors and architects who have lived in it and have left their mark in the quarters and squares.

Centennial shops in Barcelona: History and Tradition

Although some hundred-year-old shops in the city have already seen a better life,  Barcelona is fortunate to have emblematic establishments, located in historic buildings, now run by other generations of the founding families.  

In addition to preserving their most traditional trait, they have been able to adapt to the new times and offer artisan products, always different and worth knowing it. The centennial businesses of the city have a distinctive plaque at the entrance, which catalogs them as unique and important shops, from the historical, commercial and patrimonial point of view of the city.

The Three Kings parade

The Three Kings brought to baby Jesus after his birth gifts: incense, gold and myrrh (the incense for god, the gold for king and the myrrh for man), nowadays these have become toys and the baby Jesus are all the children

Barcelona Card

The Barcelona Card is the Swiss knife of the cards for  Barcelona. It's the most functional  multi-card that exists: we open one tool and we have the free public transport (metro, bus, tram and train), with another tool we find free tickets to some museums and other discounts, we open the scissors and we cut the price of admission to visit important cultural centers...

Sant Felip Neri square

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, in the Gothic Quarter, is a place for calm. To sit there and read a book is possible in this remote place. Built on top of the site of an ancient medieval cemetery and it has a Baroque church and a water fountain with an octagonal base in the center. The terrace of the square, which belongs to the Hotel Neri Barcelona, a five stars hotel, and having a drink there is a delight in this quiet environment.

Chiringuitos of Barcelona, close to the sea

In summer time, the idea is having a drink close to the sea. The phenomenon of beach bars in Barcelona comes to mind, with chefs who are committed to this tradition: leisure by the sea with good food and a drink, and having fun.

How to visit museums in Barcelona for free

Barcelona is a city of art,exhibitions and culture, thanks in large part to its museums. Some are historic, others newer, and the wide offer of the city proposes to discover various disciplines, from crafts to design and painting to modernism.

Barcelona opens its season of terraces

With music, on the rooftop, outdoor terraces of the hotels and with many activities included. Barcelona opens its terraces season coinciding with the summer season, terraces in which you can eat, drink, listen to music and more. Let's see where...Let's go to a terrace!

The new Hotel Casa Bonay and its gastronomy

Barcelona has a new boutique hotel, the Casa Bonay, a four star hotel, located on the Gran Via, near Plaza Tetuan. The hotel presented recently its gastronomic offer, neat and different , by the Argentine chef Estanis Carenzo, of Sudestada Group, who has already various restaurants in Madrid. 

The best hotels in Barcelona

TripAdvisor has published the Travellers Choice 2016 list which highlights the 25 best hotels in Spain, always according to its users. In this list there are hotels in Barcelona that stand out for different reasons: design, service, location and more. You want to know which they are?


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