Festival of Sants (Festa Major de Sants)

Local fiestas

When the fiestas de Gràcia  end, the Fiestas of Sants begin , so anyone who has not had enough or could not go there has a second chance, because each of the two Fiestas has its own style.  The Sants residents participate in the streets as well, decorating in a similar way as it is done in the Gràcia quarter. The Sants Festival is held on the occasion of the feast of the patron of the district, San Bartolomé (August 24th). During the Fiestas many popular activities are organized as:  bastoners, chocolatadas, butifarradas, concerts of various musical styles, dances, sardanas, habaneras, children's activities, competitions, workshops, etc. And in the same way as in Gràcia, there is a parallel Fiesta called Alternative Fiesta.