Festival of Gràcia (Festa Major de Gràcia) | Program

Local fiestas

This year the Gràcia Festival will be held virtually and the organizers have made a great effort to transmit all its essence to the digital world. The usual dates are kept and the proclamation will be read the day before, on August 14, at the Gràcia district headquarters, but behind closed doors (it can be seen live on the Gràcia Festival YouTube channel). The three speakers this year will be three women health workers who have worked non-stop during the toughest moments of the pandemic. In this virtual edition you will be able to see concerts of all musical genres, traditional performances, circus shows, shows for babies and children, documentaries and some history of the Festival.

The decorations of this atypical edition will be made in a symbolic way: the neighbors will decorate the ceilings and balconies, but nothing on the streets. You can visit the streets that display ornaments through the FM Gràcia 360º app, whose QR code can be found here.

Description of the holidays in a normal situation

The Festival of Gràcia have a long tradition and are one of the most famous in Barcelona for the various organized activities, but mainly for the decoration of the streets and balconies. Neighborhood associations work all year round to decorate the street to which they belong. First they decide the theme and then they design and create all the decorative elements based primarily on recycled material. The themes are different and so we can find a street dedicated to prehistory, another to space travel and another to love. But the important thing is to participate, a competition between the streets is organized and prizes for the three best decorated streets are granted. Oh, and the themes are secret until the day when the festivities begin. There is as well another competition, the decoration of the balconies in which each neighbor can participate.

As mentioned earlier there are many activities organized. Gràcia offers concerts of all kinds of music, the orchestras play popular dance music in the plazas at night, the bars and restaurants set up bars on the streets, the diablos (Devils) are dancing at night, the castellers (human towers) build their towers, sardana will be danced, there are giants parades, activities for children, popular food in the streets ... better check the program or just visit Gràcia and enjoy it.