A fascinating journey into the mind of Antonio Gaudí. "Casa Batlló: immersive experience" is a unique experience in the world. Thanks to the most advanced technology, you will be able to enjoy the most fascinating exhibition ever imagined. Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality or Machine Learning are some of the ingredients of this creative cultural proposal. The final result: impossible volumetric projections, motion sensors, binaural sound, immersive spaces never seen before and delicate proposals that involve the five senses.

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Two new immersive rooms in Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló: immersive experience - Gaudí Dôme

Gaudi Dôme

The Gaudí Dôme has a dome with more than a thousand screens, 21 audio channels that recreate the sounds of nature and 38 volumetric projectors. In this new space you can enjoy the show "The inspiration of genius", created by the director Miguel Alonso. It is a highly sensory experience, a journey to the birth of genius and his first encounter with Nature.

Gaudi Cube

The Gaudí Cube is a unique 6-sided LED cube in the world that presents the work "In the mind of Gaudí" by the digital artist Refik Anadol. A pioneering engineering work in a 100% immersive space capable of changing the perception of reality and allowing the impossible.

The types of tickets for Casa Batlló

If you are going to buy tickets for Casa Batlló, you should keep in mind that there are three types: Standard Entrance (blue), Fast-Track (silver) and Premium Entrance & Rooftop Access (gold), and that the tickets called silver and gold are those that give access to the Gaudí Dôme and the Gaudí Cube (the blue ticket only gives access to the Gaudí Cube). The gold, in addition to other advantages, also offers access to the roof of the building.

Casa Batlló: Standard Entrance (Blue)




What includes
  • Casa Batlló tickets with access to the building
  • Audioguide (45-minute augmented-reality guide) available in 15 languages
  • Gaudí Cube

Casa Batlló: Fast-Track (Silver)




What includes
  • Audioguide (45-minute augmented-reality guide) available in 15 languages
  • Gaudí Dome
  • Gaudí Cube
  • Virtual reality tablet
  • Access to the council of the Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló: Premium Entrance & Rooftop Access (Gold)




What includes
  • Exclusive VIP entry to Casa Batlló via the Gold line
  • Audioguide (45-minute augmented-reality guide) available in 15 languages
  • Exclusive access to the Batllós' Private Room
  • Flexible booking & free cancellation
  • Gaudí Dome
  • Gaudí Cube
  • Virtual reality tablet
  • Vintage photoshoot
  • Access to the council of the Casa Batlló
  • Exclusive outdoor lounge
  • Fast Pass

The restoration project...

If you decide to enjoy this experience, which we highly recommend, you will also discover the important restoration project that has been carried out at Casa Batlló in recent years. To give you a preliminary idea, these are some examples: the original stuccoes of the Noble Floor have been recovered and the main facade has been restored, which involved professionals from 7 different guilds, because Casa Batlló is stone, iron, ceramics, glass and wood. But the most notable change is the one brought about by the creation of "10D Experience", which has led to the opening to the public of an additional 2,000 m2 of Casa Batlló never seen before. And it is in these new spaces, although not only in them, that most of the novelties have been concentrated, which have been possible thanks to the collaboration with the technological partner Vitelsa and renowned artists.

... and many more news

  • New script for the audio guide available in 15 languages ​​and a soundtrack created exclusively for Casa Batlló by composer Dani Howard. The soundtrack, which fuses classical music with percussion and electronics, has been recorded at "Teldex Studios" in Berlin by musicians from the Berlin Philharmonic, the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Deutsche Oper Berlin conducted by Pablo Urbina. But that is not all. The "no touch" technology headphones are new and smart, as they adapt to the visitor and not the other way around.
  • Magical paintings on the walls, apparently static, that come to life as visitors approach and recreate the family's past and the history of Casa Batlló.
  • Ecological and invisible technologies that give life to a multitude of ephemeral installations, where some myths and legends are recreated, as well as memories and anecdotes associated with the building. The visitor will discover these facilities on his tour of the entire Casa Batlló.
  • New core of vertical communication designed by the renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and illuminated by Mario Nanni, who have made this intervention a work of art. A floating staircase of 13 tons of polished marble also stands out, which is suspended in the air thanks to the development designed by the English studio "Ancient & Modern Chesneys Architectural".
  • A unique proposal in the world, the first 6-sided indoor mapping on Gaudí's patio of lights. A symphony of colors and illusions, only available for night visits.
  • The new "Simbòlic" store, with direct access from the street; designed by interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán, it offers a careful selection of objects inspired by Gaudí's design principles, fusing craftsmanship with innovation.
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Eixample Dreta
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