42 - Barcelona Fantastic Genres Festival

Book presentations

Fantastic genres have exploded like never before in recent years. From Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, from the new trilogies of The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars to series like Stranger Things or Black Mirror, from utopias and dystopias on social networks, robotics and post-humanism to the consolidation of the videogames as the front line of the cultural industry. It was the ideal moment to raise a double proposal from Barcelona: to spread the new fields of recreation, revisitation and experimentation that these genres are producing in our lyrics and throughout the world; recover a tradition that in our country has not always been well treated, despite having a long list of indisputable names.

The festival program 42

The main venue of the festival will be the Fabra i Coats, but there will also be activities in libraries and bookstores, since not in vain the basis of the festival is literature. In this first edition, prizes will be awarded to the best works published the previous year, and talks, presentations, interviews, workshops, recitals, exhibitions and other activities will be offered. The 42 will be attended by national and international authors, and the centenary of Stanislaw Lem and the word robot will be celebrated, in addition there will be tributes to Douglas Adams, Ofelia Dracs, Ana María Matute, Víctor Nubla and Domingo Santos.

The name of the festival: 42

42 is the number par excellence of science fiction and, by extension, of all fantastic genres. To the question "What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything else?", Which in Douglas Adams' novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is posed to the Deep Thought computer, the answer was 42 after meditating 7 , 5 million years. The computer however added that the question was not well posed. This led the characters to build a better computer in order to ask the Definitive Question, and the story continues ...