Barcelona Design Week

Trade fair/Congress

The Barcelona Design Week (BDW), organized by BCD Barcelona Design Center and FAD Promotion of Arts and Design in collaboration with the Museu del Disseny, is an essential event on design, creativity and innovation, and one of the most important in the international calendar (The BDW is a member of the World Design Weeks Network organization, which brings together the main international design events).

This fair is aimed at companies, entrepreneurs and professionals in the sector, but also the general public.

All areas of design

Each organizing or collaborating entity will be responsible for disclosing a design area. FAD, will bring us closer to the profession, talent, recognition of excellence and the culture of design. From the company, the strategic value in the key of innovation, sustainability and competitiveness, and the promotion of the city brand, will be handled by the BCD. And, finally, the Museu del Disseny will focus on the patrimonial, public and informative dimension. Barcelona Design Week is promoted by the City Council of Barcelona, ​​and has the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

The 2020 edition of the Barcelona Design Week (BDW)

The 15th edition of the BDW comes under the slogan "Design for activism", which is presented as a double call for mobilization: mobilizing the sector and the activism of professionals and companies to develop a design that generates equality, balance and trust for the planet and people; and make a call for citizen mobilization and economic agents that contribute to the recovery of the creative fabric and its activity, offering confidence, hiring and consuming local products and talent, so that the circular economy is strengthened.