The Amusement Room in the attic of the Marès


The Frederic Marès Museum opened its attic to the public last year; undoubtedly the ideal place to set up an Amusement Room. There are exhibited the collections related to the world of leisure and entertainment from the 19th and early 20th centuries, a European benchmark for antique toys. If an attic is a space full of magic, it is more so because of its size and what it contains: toys, board or puzzle games, concerts, operas, theatrical performances, bullfights or circus performances, in addition to the playful spaces where the society of those years had fun.

After touring this exhibition, you will learn what the entertainment of children and adults consisted of, both in the private and reduced sphere, as well as in the public and mass sectors. In the Hall of Amusement there is room for all the contents, the cult and the popular ones.

One of the collections that generates the most interest is that of automata, which takes more prominence with the short film "Magic Mechanical" by the artist Xavier (Xavier Vilató), which allows them to be seen in operation after having restored their mechanism (movement and music) and that they cannot function permanently due to their fragility. The short is broadcast in loop format on a screen in the same room. Another short film by the same author, "The Mechanic and the Dancer", allows you to get to know the room, from a perspective with magical touches.