Christmas in the Museums of Barcelona


The museums and other municipal cultural spaces of Barcelona have prepared a Christmas adapted to the current situation, but with a great diversity of proposals aimed at the majority of the family audience, but also at the adult audience. Until January 6, the cultural centers will be filled with exhibitions, guided tours, workshops and other activities.

Many of the exhibitions are already underway or are part of the museums' permanent collections. In these cases, new activities are organized around them. In the button below the Program you will access the agenda with all the activities and you will be able to reserve when necessary.

Some outstanding examples of Christmas in the Museums of Barcelona


  • Workshops, exhibitions, shows and guided visits: CosmoCaixa has prepared a really extensive program for this Christmas, which, added to its permanent programming, will make it difficult for you to choose which activity or activities you will join (from December 23 to January 9).

The Egyptian Museum of Barcelona

  • Workshops and junior guide course: the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona has prepared a lot of workshops for you to meet historical figures such as Tutankhamun or interesting aspects of the ancient Egyptian civilization; You can also attend a course to become a junior guide at the Egyptian Museum (from December 27 to January 5).

The Picasso Museum

  • What a jewel !: visit and workshop to meet the jeweler Picasso and create your own jewels (from December 28 to January 5).


  • Aquarist for a day: to become a caregiver at L'Aquàrium for a day, an enriching experience to learn about the day-to-day life of the center (from December 28 to January 4).

The Poble Espanyol

  • Christmas in the Poble Espanyol: see here.

The Ethnological and World Culture Museum

  • Ready, set, games! Visit and workshop to learn how children played many years ago and how it is played in other parts of the world (from December 28 to 30).


El Born Center for Culture and Memory

  • BORNAUTES, a universe of innovations in El Born: a workshop to learn about and experience the great innovations in history (from December 23 to January 5).

Casa Amatller

  • Christmas at Casa Amatller: visit to the fall of the chocolate industrialist Antoni Amatller that was designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch (from December 27 to January 9).

The Frederic Marès Museum

  • The traditional nativity scene: see here.

Check the program, because you will find many more activities (more than 100), and the Red de Centros Cívicos de Barcelona has prepared an agenda of workshops and other activities.