The Snowman - Christmas Screenings


The CCCB offers us a 26-minute animated film for the little ones and the whole family free of charge in its hall. If last year's edition could not be held and 4 films dedicated to the seasons of the year were screened in 2019, this year we will see The Snowman by Dianne Jackson, which was nominated for best short film at the Oscars And it continues to captivate audiences around the world: British Channel 4, for example, broadcasts it every year as a Christmas tradition. The Snowman was made with traditional animation techniques, with frame-by-frame hand drawing, based on pastels and crayons.

Based on the famous picture book by Raymond Briggs, the film tells the story of a boy who builds a snowman that comes to life that night. Friendship is born between them and we follow them as they travel through the skies and have adventures in which they meet Santa Claus and celebrate Christmas with other snowmen.

The Snowman, 1982, Dianne Jackson, UK, 26 ', no dialogue.