Born Street Food


Born Street Food means, in short, stoves in the street, the best kitchens of Born and live music. The foodie festival of the year in Barcelona is celebrated in Pla de Palau square. It will be three days of fresh and local products, casseroles, grills and stoves in the street so that the best chefs of the Born prepare before your eyes delicious gastronomic proposals. All accompanied by a selection of wines and beers, and wrapped in music throughout the day. This gastronomy festival, organized by the Barcelona Born Gourmet association, celebrates this special edition in the framework of the Mercè festivities and in the last editions has attracted more than 15,000 people.

The classics of the festival

In this special edition, none of the incredible fresh fish rices of the Lonja de la Barceloneta from 1881 by Sagardi will be missing; the creative and product tapas of Dani Rueda from Tapeo; the cheese selection of Eva Vila de La Teca from Vila Viniteca; pulled pork by Oriol Rovira from PORK; the mythical Mexican tacos by chef Joan Bagur from Oaxaca Cuina Mexicana or the classic Basque old cow grill of the Viñaspre brothers of Sagardi Basque Cooks, among others.

The Fishermen's Association of Barcelona

The Fishermen's Association of Barcelona repeats with its freshly caught blue fish, direct from the boat, to fry it at the moment in the BORN Street Food with the chief patron José Manuel Juárez in front.

Recent additions of Born Street Food

In the last edition, new members joined the association that will also cook their best dishes at the BORN Street Food. The 7 Portes, founded 183 years ago and still run by the Parellada family; and one of the great gastronomic innovations of Born, the Zero Patatero restaurant, a unique and accessible kitchen of Km0 with natural and organic wines from the hand of chef Luca Marongiu.

And here, the gastronomic menu BORN Street Food 2019

  • Grilled sardines with fried Ibarra chili pepper - ORIO GASTRONOMIA BASCA
  • Marmitako de bonito in the style of Basque arrantzales - EUSKAL EXTEA
  • Grilled old cow txuleton sandwich with piquillo peppers - SAGARDI COCINEROS VASCOS
  • Assortment of artisan cheeses - VILA VINITECA
  • “Rabas” of squid with espelette pepper mayonnaise - GOLFO DE BIZKAIA
  • Pulled Pork - PORK ... BOIG PER TU
  • Potato omelette “stained” with chorizo ​​- BODEGA VIDRIOS Y CRISTALES
  • “Pintxo moruno” of lamb in its traditional bread - SAGÀS PAGESOS I CUINERSç
  • Taco cochinita pibil with xnipec sauce - OAXACA CUINA MEXICANA
  • Mountain rice - 1881 PER SAGARDI
  • Iberian pork ribs with honey and mustard - TAPEO
  • Blue fish frying cone of Barcelona - COFRADIA DE PESCADORES DE BARCELONA
  • Maresme white eggplant, smoked glaze with juicy bacon and chopped vegetables - ZERO PATATERO
  • Paella Parellada - 7 PORTES

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