Carnival in Barcelona 2019 | Arribo and Parades

Local fiestas - Children
Local fiestas

During a week Barcelona will be filled with parades, mask dances, popular meals and sardine burials. On Thursday Gras, the Carnival King makes his triumphal entry into Barcelona at dusk with the so-called Arribo, the central activity of the carnival that consists of a great party with His Majesty Carnival (this year the reign is shared between two kings, Belluga and Tòtil Tocatdelala ) and all his entourage: the big heads of the Rambla, the grotesque emperors of the European courts of Comediants, the Royal Carnival Orchestra, the Old Giants of the Casa de la Caridad and the Ganxets musicians.

The Arribo of Barcelona

The party will begin on Thursday, February 28 (Thursday Gras) at 6:00 pm on La Rambla, in front of the Arts Santa Mónica, with the distribution of masks. At 6:30 pm the entourage of the Carnival King will arrive and will go up La Rambla dancing with a float adorned with (of course!) Flowers of La Rambla. During the tour the spokespersons of the Country of Jauja will appear on the facades of several emblematic buildings: the Seven Ambassadors, who represent the excesses of the party. The parade will end at the Palau de la Virreina. Afterwards, the battle will begin, called la Taronjada, with confetti, balloons and orange fireworks, and the party will continue.

Carnival in the districts - Parades

In addition to the central events of the Carnival of Barcelona, ​​in each district there are organized parades and numerous activities. The Rúas or parades will take place on Saturday, March 2, but you can also participate in carnival dances, tortilla contests, group meals, costume contests, sardine burials, children's activities, mask workshops, make-up courses, exhibitions and even talks about the world of Carnival.

This year the organization of the event will again be held by the Comediants group.

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