48h Open House Barcelona is a cultural association whose aim is to disseminate the architectural heritage of Barcelona and promote architecture in general. The festival teaches us how to see it, to appreciate it better.

The festival of the same name, the 48H Open House BCN, is its main dissemination tool. It is held every October to show us, free of charge, emblematic buildings and others not so well known, but of great architectural value, which are not often accessible.

The project is based on three main pillars: volunteering, sponsorship and participation. Collaborations can be one by one, creating a network of volunteers or from social, cultural and business groups.

2023 edition of 48h Open House Barcelona

In 2023, the most prominent festival of architecture in the metropolitan area of Barcelona focuses its attention on the elements and parts that make the architecture of the city concrete. On this occasion, we will explore the parts that make up the whole.

After the previous edition, which emphasized the various trades that make architecture a collaborative and global enterprise, the 14th edition of the festival aims to investigate the micro-narratives that can be extracted from the details of buildings. They will focus on the decomposition of architecture to appreciate the fragments of Barcelona's rich and complex architectural collage: windows, balconies, corridors, chimneys, staircases, elevators, columns, arches, doors, installations, furniture, among others. The aim is to break down the architecture of our imaginary, a solid concept with a prominent presence, both to identify its foundations and to glimpse the fields of knowledge that the architectural professional encompasses. The result will not be a single story, but a web woven with origins, influences, similarities and differences in architectural evolution. This includes the influence of technological advances, climate adaptation, social policies, economic contexts, regulations and new digital opportunities.

The Domènech i Montaner Year

In addition, part of the programming of this year's 48h Open House BCN festival is organized around the legacy of Domènech i Montaner. The festival will feature emblematic spaces designed by this architect to explore his multifaceted career, a reflection of the total art in which ceramists, mosaicists, sculptors, glassmakers and blacksmiths collaborated.

48h Open House and Barcelona Design Week

This year, the festival joins the celebration of the 18th edition of Barcelona Design Week and its global initiative to promote Sustainable Development Goal number 18: to consider design as a fundamental element for the present and future of people. For this reason, the festival will highlight a project in this year's program called "EDIFICIO 18" for its importance and values in relation to design, its impact on the community and the city in general. The presentation of this project will take place during the inauguration of Barcelona Design Week on October 18.

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