Serielizados Fest


The Serielizados Fest is an international festival on everything related to television fiction that is intended for addicted to TV series. During the festival you can see unpublished documentaries, episodes projections, conferences by audiovisual professionals (with special attention to showrunners) and comedy and music shows.

The 2019 edition of Serielizados Fest

The 6th edition of Serielizados Fest will be held at the CCCB as the main space, and at the headquarters of SGAE and the Phenomena movie theater. The festival will offer more than twenty premiere series grouped into two sections: Panorama, selection of the best international series without distribution in Spain, and Premieres, previews of the new series that will be broadcast by the main platforms. Among the series of the Panorama section, the Norwegian "Match" will be released, one of the most original proposals of the season, "Twin", pure drama "Nordic" style, and three other series product of the influential public network NRK and emerged after the teen phenomenon 'SKAM'. You can also see "Invisible Heroes", one of the most ambitious co-productions between two countires -Chile and Finland- of the year, and the South Korean "The Guest", the latest television phenomenon in the Asian country, as well as the Israeli "Nehama", A series with Coenian touches. In the national series section we find two of Catalan production. The first is the premiere of the second season of "Les Molèsties" (betevé), the comedy written and directed by Roger Coma ("Las cosas grandes"), and "El mort viu", produced by betevé and Compact.

One of the most important activities will be the session "La Casa de Papel: Cómo montar un atraco", in which four of the main assemblers of the Netflix series will unfold before the public the tricks they use to mount an authentic robbery in one of the most viewed and acclaimed fictions of recent years.

Among the great names of the 2019 edition, we find the British creator Steve Pemberton (Psychoville, The League of Gentlemen) who achieved worldwide recognition with his black comedy "Inside No 9". Pemberton will offer a talk to the public and present the world premiere of the fifth season of "Inside No 9".

The invited country

If in 2018 Iceland was the guest country, this year it will be Denmark, one of the most influential television powers of the moment. The main figure of this section is Jeppe Gjervig (author of "Borgen") who will come to present his new series "Follow the money III" and, of course, to talk about "Borgen" and his professional career (activity for the general public).

The opening

The "Bullets" series (AXN) will be responsible for opening the edition on September 25 in the Phenomena Hall. The opening session will be free with prior registration (see program).


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