Saló de l'Ocupació (Employment Fair)

Trade fair/Congress

The Employment Fair is an event whose purpose is to promote talent and support people looking for work or who want to reorient their professional career. Among the activities it offers you will find workshops to prepare for a job interview, simulations of a staff selection process, job demonstrations, job guidance or talks on the insertion of vulnerable groups. In addition, the Employment Fair will be held together with Bizbarcelona to create synergies in the promotion of innovation and talent as drivers of recovery.

The areas of the Employment Fair 2021

The 150 activities planned for this year's edition will be organized in seven thematic areas:

  • (Re) Orient yourself: career guidance proposals.
  • (Re) Discover: meeting point for job opportunities.
  • Get ready: space to train in the job search process.
  • Defense: advice on labor rights and duties.
  • Entrepreneurship: a space for inspiration for entrepreneurs.
  • TalentxBcn: shared with Bizbarcelona to discover, manage and enhance talent
  • Share: the area of ​​relationship between employment professionals.

Among the activities that will be organized are the group workshops for simulating job interviews through role-playing games; a workshop on self-knowledge, video resume advice, as well as another based on the Japanese ikigai method in which participants will identify four keys to their identity to know their vocation. There will also be various proposals to bring trades and professions closer to various sectors, such as Techdigital, industry or logistics.

On the other hand, the show will also emphasize the employment of vulnerable people and will be the scene of the presentation of a study on the situation of women in the labor market. Experiences of incorporation into the labor market of people with functional diversity or initiatives that promote the employment of the trans group will also be shared.

The Sí i Millor fair organized by the FECETC (Federation of Special Work Centers of Catalonia) will offer direct contact with companies interested in incorporating people with neurodiversity, interviews between companies and conferences to facilitate the employment of this group.

The Saló de l'Ocupació is organized by Fira de Barcelona with the support of Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona Activa.