Trade fair/Congress

Bizbarcelona, ​​organized by Barcelona Activa, wants to put your business to work. In this event, aimed at entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and freelancers, you will find answers to create or grow your business. In Bizbarcelona you will find content and activities related to innovation, networking, advice and training, and the best combination of public and private resources. And all in an environment dynamic, inclusive, collaborative and open to all. In particular, conferences, round tables, workshops, personalized counseling interviews, networking sessions and other proposals will be held. We also emphasize that the fair will have an exhibition area where entities, institutions and companies participate with products, services and resources for attendees.

Bizbarcelona will be held together with the Saló de l'Ocupació, which offers those who are looking for work or want to reorient their professional career, round tables, workshops, conferences or individualized advice in various spaces.

The sections of Bizbarcelona in the 2021 edition

In this edition, the innovation and knowledge room will have 120 sessions (presentations, conferences and round tables) around four thematic axes: Entrepreneurship; Increase; Startups & Business Innovation and Talent.


Solutions and advice from experts in the field of entrepreneurship so you can start your project. You will also be able to know success stories.


With experts in financing, marketing and sales, logistics or digitization, who will talk about strategies and tools to grow companies already underway

Startups & Business Innovation

Where you can learn how to incorporate innovation in all areas of a company or in a new project.


Shared section with the Saló de l’Ocupació, which will serve to discover new ways of taking advantage of the potential of talent in different aspects (female, young, senior, inclusive, digital…) and the challenges that its management entails at the business level.

Administrations and entities with Bizbarcelona

Bizbarcelona is promoted by the Barcelona City Council, the Generalitat de Catalunya, CaixaBank, the Barcelona Provincial Council, PIMEC, the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, and has the collaboration of the BizCommunity, a group of 120 entities that provide content and disseminate the event's activities.