MIRA.mov: Exploring Visual Languages


The Ideal Digital Arts Center, the first center in southern Europe dedicated to the production and exhibition of digital arts, offers us a monthly cycle of immersive screenings that aims to create a new creative circuit of new digital trends. In it you will see the works of emerging and established artists who work with moving images. Works conceived through techniques such as CGI (computer-generated image), audiovisual immersion, video game engines or 3D digital animation, which have been or will be created specifically for this cycle curated by MIRA Digital Arts Festival Barcelona.

2020 edition of MIRA.mov

In this year's edition MIRA.mov presents the work of the MSHR collective, Claudia Maté, Sevi Domochevsky, Cruelaudia, Lawrence Lek, Keiken and Ryan Vautier, Tabita Rezaire, and Samuel Fouracre.

Each session includes two screenings. You can buy a subscription to see all sessions or a ticket for each session.