Llum BCN


The Llum BCN festival, held for the third year in the Poblenou quarter, is a circuit of luminous installations in which art and technology meet. For three nights Llum BCN will transform the urban landscape of Poblenou. Large buildings of last generation, chimneys of old factories, industrial buildings and some plots will change thanks to the expressive capacity of light. And it's not just about something aesthetic, beautiful. This festival is conceived as a great laboratory for outdoor experimentation. It shows us the work of artists, designers and architects from around the world who are exploring the possibilities offered by new techniques such as dynamic lighting, interactive environments, large-scale projection, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Llum BCN is full of secrets, surprises and images that you will hardly see again.

International prestige artists at Llum BCN 2020

Among the twenty-two participants of the 2020 edition that created the 40 installations, we find internationally renowned artists such as Luke Jerram (with its large floating moon, in high definition, which has impressed many cities around the world), the studio United Visual Artists (presented by the Musica Universalis installation, an imposing choreography of movement, light and sound that is inspired by the mechanics of celestial objects), Kurt Hentschläger (which arrives with SOL, the most extreme and visceral experience of this edition from Llum BCN, a total challenge to the limits of our perception) or Antoni Arola (creator of FIADO LUX, a tangled intangible labyrinth installed in the great hall of DHUB Barcelona). They are joined by the schools of art, design, lighting and architecture of Barcelona.

A distinctive value

What differentiates Llum BCN from other lighting festivals is the commitment to experimentation and innovation of the students of the schools of art, design, lighting and architecture of Barcelona, ​​who participate with several lighting installations.

Map of the installations

If you want information on site about the facilities you can go to three information centers:

  • The counter on the lower floor of the DHUB Barcelona building (Plaza de las Glòries Catalanes, 37).
  • In the rest areas enabled on Pere IV street, Àvila street and Sancho de Ávila street between the streets of Granada City and Roc Boronat.

And here you can access the map with the situation and names of all the facilities. May the light be with you!

Where to eat, snack or drink something near Llum BCN?

They make it easy for you. Van Van Market becomes Van Van Llum. You can enjoy a meeting point and rest area in a garden of illuminated trees, and choose food in food trucks parked in the area, or just drink something. The food trucks will be in Avila strees (between Pallars and Almogavers streets) and Sancho de Avila corner Roc Boronat, and the schedule will be from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m.