An exhibition that is actually two, plus an extensive program of activities. The CCCB presents "Feminisms!", A project that brings together the exhibitions "The Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s. Works from the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna" and "Choreographies of gender". The objective is to demonstrate the dialogue, the continuities and the ruptures between the radical feminism of the seventies and the current feminisms. Because the seventies represented a before and after in the feminist movement. Feminism, through multiple practices and cultural breakthroughs, broke into public life to go around the world and shake the established symbolic order, focusing on the use of languages, forms, gender constructions, the vindication of the right to decide on one's own body, the denunciation of male chauvinist violence, and the crucial discovery that the personal is also political.

The inspiration of current feminisms

The explosion of freedom and creativity of the feminism of the seventies has been a source of inspiration for the feminisms of today, which have been greatly enriched and have become more plural. But the expansive wave of feminism of the seventies has not only reached the feminisms of the present, it has also influenced other movements of collective emancipation. The project "Feminisms!" wants to claim, in a context that points to the regression of rights, the capital contribution of the struggles for equality and diversity of feminisms that have definitely changed our way of understanding the world.

The Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s. Works from the VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna

This exhibition, which brings together more than 200 works by 73 artists from Europe, North and South America and Asia, born between 1929 and 1958, aims to highlight the milestones of the so-called feminist avant-garde that, in the 1970s, it rewrote the canon of art history.

Curator: Gabriele Schor, founder and director of the VERBUND COLLECTION in Vienna.

Choreographies of gender

Choreographies of gender tells us about the plurality of feminism, There is no longer a single story. Now the subject of feminism has been opened and has imposed the term "gender" to indicate that the sexual difference (men / women, male / female) is not "natural", but is conditioned by culture, and combinatorias they can go beyond those opposite poles. This has also led to the linking of feminism with other struggles against inequalities such as racism, homophobia and transphobia, speciesism, contempt for the poor or those considered disabled or foreign.

Curator: Marta Segarra, Professor at the University of Barcelona, ​​Center for Research ADHUC-Theory, Gender, Sexuality and Recruitment Directive, Laboratoire d'Études de genre et de sexualité-LEGS, CNRS,

Due to the La Mercè festival, this exhibition can be visited for free on September 23 and 24.

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