Cruïlla XXS: less is more


This year's Summer Cruïlla Festival could not be held, but the organizers have not limited themselves to preparing for the 2021 edition, but have worked hard to give us a Cruïlla this year. Another Cruïlla, adapted to the circumstances. They have called it Cruïlla XXS, and it is based on the philosophy less is more, although it seems contradictory: less poster, more artists; fewer people, closer; fewer stages, more spaces; fewer hours, more days.

The Cruïlla XXS will not be held in a single space, it will take place in several emblematic spaces in Barcelona such as the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, the Disseny Hub or the Poble Espanyol. It will have less public (maximum 400 people per show) that will be closer to the more than 200 artists represented by the great local talent. Cruïlla XXS will not be a festival of many hours concentrated in a few days, but a cycle of many days and a few hours a day. Another feature of this special edition is that, in addition to the concerts, there will be a section dedicated to the performing arts and the circus, another to comedy, a musical section specialized in jazz, flamenco and classical music, and ideas will flow with the presentations of the Cruïlla Talks.