Come away with me!


The title of the project "Come away with me" celebrates the evocative power of art, an expressive medium that unites the work and its observer in a magical interaction, transporting it on a journey of the imagination and the heart. This trip is an interior experience that enriches us through donation, solidarity and concrete help.

In this exhibition, the artist Marta Valls presents two projects: her polymeric photographs, which tell different stories focused on identity and the desire to be reborn, and in which the artist uses materials such as wood and rusty iron as evocative and narrative elements ; and her watercolors, which are born in the period of confinement, and which present a person with her back turned, admiring in a serene silence full of emotion, her favorite work of art. These works are not only a tribute to art and its evocative power, they are also a concrete contribution to the fight against the coronavirus and its terrible consequences. For this reason, the artist has donated them to entities such as: Red Cross, Lliures, Survival International, Emergency, Onlus la Salle or Amici di Joaquim Gomes.