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Fantastic and terrifying, great free exhibitions, how to organize a robbery, we have to talk and urban culture

Sitges International Film Festival

The Sitges Festival will open its 52nd edition on October 3 with a story of the master of terror, Stephen King. In the tall grass (Netflix original), it is the last film by Vincenzo Natali, director of recognized talent that has been celebrated in previous editions of the Festival thanks to titles such as Cube (winner of Sitges 1998). Among the most anticipated titles of the 2019 edition, stands out Rob Zombie 3 From Hell, the return of the Firefly family of The Devil's Renegades, which promises to be one of the Festival's most vibrant sessions.

Cinema with a Jewish accent and something else, three essential gastronomic proposals and an art gallery fair

Festival Cinema Jueu

The Festival de Cinema Jueu in Barcelona began its journey in 1999 (this year reaches its 21st edition) with the intention of making known in Barcelona the cinema and culture of Jewish theme. It is a consolidated festival as an integrated and continuous cultural offer of the city, and is the only one of this theme that exists in Spain. The conceptual thread of this 21 edition is to face the past to try to build the present, both from the collective point of view, as well as individually. In this year's edition, 13 films will be screened that, beyond the Jewish accent, also offer a look at contemporary issues.

The most important of the year, the most important of Jazz, the Champions, the Romea, a piece of Brazil and Fado brushstrokes

La Mercè - Barcelona's Festival

During the second half of September Barcelona celebrates each year "La Merce", that is, its Festival (Fiesta Mayor, in catalan Festa Major) . It could be defined as a festival of festivals, with a lot of activities and with a popular character. In a week between 1,500,000 and 2,000,000 people will visit different public spaces of the city and enjoy the many cultural activitites, artistic and festive. The city becomes a big stage full of imagination and fantasy. The involvement of a large number of groups and organizations is their big secret. Private Sponsors and coworkers provide their support. And besides, all the proposals, from the most popular to the most sophisticated and minorities, are totally free. The proclamation that will mark the beginning of La Mercè 2019 will be in charge of Manuela Carmena. Mainly known for having been mayor of Madrid.

Festival and open workshops in Poblenou, self-publishing comic, a race against diabetes and short films

Fiesta Mayor de Poblenou

Ten days of music, art and dance, and of course popular culture: Giants (with the emblematic parrot 36), correfocs, castellers, popular meals, children's workshops and sports competitions.

At the mercy of the wind over the Montseny, dance stars, the Mil·lenni Festival and Ara Malikian in his garages

Barcelona Morning Hot Air Balloon Flight with Breakfast

A 6-hour experience that begins in Barcelona. They pick you up at your accommodation in the morning and take you to the Montseny Natural Park, an area on the outskirts of the city, included by UNESCO in the world network of biosphere reserves. You will fly in a hot air balloon a thousand meters above the landscape of Catalonia. You will see incredible views of mountains, forests, streams, green hills and fields. After the trip you will enjoy a good traditional Catalan breakfast in a typical country house. Finally, they will take you back to your accommodation.

A 1947 sailboat and a 1918 pailebote, the DGTL Closing Party, human castles in Sants and a lesbian festival

Private sailing boat trip along the coast of Barcelona | Gemini vintage sailboat 1947

We always have a hard time saying the phrase "this is the best", but the trip on the sailboat Gemini from skipper Dave, if not the best, is one of the best. A sailboat tour along the coast of Barcelona that will fill your travel experience coffer with positive emotions and feelings. This nautical excursion is also unique. You will not find another similar option in Barcelona, ​​and at a really good price for what it offers. Built in 1947, this wooden boat will offer you the whole deck to enjoy the sea, the wind, the sky, the sun and the views of Barcelona, ​​as a couple, with family or friends. In your memory will be an unforgettable picture of a city with a long maritime tradition.

Decked streets, Picasso before the camera, interactive gymkhana, the National Ballet of Spain and jazz in a Viennese café

Festival of Gràcia (Festa Major de Gràcia) | Program

The Festival of Gràcia have a long tradition and are one of the most famous in Barcelona for the various organized activities, but mainly for the decoration of the streets and balconies. Neighborhood associations work all year round to decorate the street to which they belong. First they decide the theme and then they design and create all the decorative elements based primarily on recycled material. The themes are different and so we can find a street dedicated to prehistory, another to space travel and another to love. But the important thing is to participate, a competition between the streets is organized and prizes for the three best decorated streets are granted. Oh, and the themes are secret until the day when the festivities begin. There is as well another competition, the decoration of the balconies in which each neighbor can participate.

In the monastery, Foucault on the border, cinema with views, quantum cinema and gay macro party

The magic hour in the Monastery of Pedralbes

An activity to relieve stress, relax, enjoy the tranquility of religious spaces, and to know the Gothic cloister considered the largest in the world that is preserved. Every Tuesday and Friday of summer, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., the Monastery of Pedralbes opens the doors of the cloister and offers a disconnection space.

Castellers and correfocs at Poble Sec, extended jazz festival, rap and hard trap, and the second day of La Liga

Fiesta Mayor del Poble Sec

The Fiestas del Poble Sec offer all kinds of activities and for all ages: castellers, giants, correfocs, sardana, funny choirs, bastoners, concerts for every taste, workshops, children's races, lunch, dinner and folk orchestras, and much more.

New worlds, the most underground JS Bach, Feminisms, an escape room and the Tomorrowland

Building New Worlds. The historical vanguards in the IVAM collection 1914-1945

This exhibition presented by CaixaForum Barcelona analyzes the artistic vanguards from a wide selection of works from the IVAM collection, and complemented by design pieces from the Alfaro Hofmann Collection (unique worldwide on industrial design, which highlights the value of the object as a symbol of progress, freedom and development). The collection of the Institut Valencià d'Art Modern (IVAM) is a Spanish and international reference in the art of the avant-garde of the 20th century, a time little represented in the collections of our country.


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