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A couple of friends at the Sant Jordi, everything you can imagine, the sounds of the Big Bang and the art that deserves a chance

No hay dos sin tres: Serrat & Sabina

Serrat, Sabina and their tour "No hay dos sin tres" (No two without three) return this January to the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. Again together, two great friends and two of the most important Spanish singer-songwriters of all time. It is the third time that they go on stage together to share songs, and they do so, supported by a careful production.

The Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli, free jam sessions, eccentric cinema, the Fiesta in Sant Antoni and its Reggae Splash

FC Barcelona - SCC Napoli

The Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli, based in Naples, was founded in 1926. In its history, Napoli has won two Italian Seria A championships (the highest category), five Italian Cups, two Italian Super Cups and one UEFA Cup. Napoli occupies the seventh historic place in Serie A and is the fourth team with the most fans in all of Italy.. Barça have faced Napoli this year (2019) in two friendly preseason games played on August 8 and 10. In both games he beat FC Barcelona (4-0 and 1-2).

Taking stock of the year, a free concert in the Gothic Quarter and the most anticipated family event of the year

We enter the final stretch of 2019 and it is time to take stock, a short one so as not to overwhelm. During this year we have sent you 48 newsletters (almost 1 per week), in which we have informed you of the most outstanding events held in Barcelona. As always, we have tried to include as many free events as possible, so you can participate in the cultural and leisure life of Barcelona without spending money. By 2020 our desire is that Barcelona can continue celebrating the same events held this year and incorporate new ones. We will be there to inform you promptly. If you have any suggestions, we encourage you to send it to us.

Christmas continues, the end of the year is coming, the new CCCB's great exhibition to play and reflect, and 30 million lego pieces

New Year's Eve, The Chimes of New Year

This year, like the previous one, the show that will take us to 2020 between ooooohs! It has been conceived by the French company Group F, also known for having created the opening event of the Rio Games. For twelve minutes, they will tour the twelve months of the year and travel to different places in the world where the year has already changed. Then the 12 bells and the burst of fireworks and flames will arrive that will welcome the new year. And finally, a poetic show with evocative images of the natural world. The result is both great and delicate, very exciting and excellent for a collective celebration. A very special experience for those who want to celebrate the arrival of 2020 on the street.

Change the name but not the spirit, winter solstice of cinema, modernist mapping, toys on the Gran Via and dress your wall

La Nit del Passeig de Gràcia

La Nit del Passeig de Gràcia, which is The Shopping Night changed in name and month, will turn the most prestigious and emblematic avenue of Barcelona into the epicenter of the city's shopping, gastronomy and culture. All activities will take place at Passeig de Gràcia. Along the avenue you will find 5 scenarios that will fill the street with music of different styles. The shops of Passeig de Gràcia and the adjacent streets will be open until midnight and will offer surprises and special discounts. One of the most showy shows will be a technological art installation with 7,200 LED lights that will synchronize with the music creating an immersive experience.

Christmas in the center of Barcelona, the blue Danube and Star Wars in the Palau, ice skating and running before the end of the year

Christmas in Plaça Catalunya - A magical city

The Plaça de Catalunya (Catalunya square) has become as usual in recent years, in a huge setting where there will be Christmas activities for all ages. Concerts, shows, sports activities and workshops will be organized throughout the day. In the center of Barcelona you can listen to Christmas carols from around the world and in their original language, meet a quirky family that proposes to build a friendly and sustainable city, or walk through a forest, evoked by light rabbits and sounds. The little ones will also have activities adapted for ages 1 to 3 years and 4 to 8 years.

I don't understand how he can do what he does, Bill Viola, the Psychedelic Casa Batlló, Flux self-portraits and the Messiah in the Palau

Nothing is impossible - Mago Pop

A show full of emotion, fun and surprises, which takes place with great sensitivity and sense of rhythm. Antonio Díaz, The Mago Pop, again demonstrates that when he is on stage, nothing is impossible. After taking his magic to more than 150 countries with his programs on the DMAX channel, he became the highest grossing illusionist in Europe. Even Stephen Hawking himself was impressed with one of his games. "I don't understand how he can do what he does," he said.

Latest and retro digital entertainment, Christmas lights, Messi 10, pre-owned cars, memes and flamencodelic

NiceOne Barcelona

NiceOne Barcelona (N1B) celebrates its 4th edition from November 28 to December 1. The videogame room organized by Fira de Barcelona, ​​aims to become the largest digital entertainment festival in Spain and one of the reference events within the international scene. It is a professional fair, open to the general public, that acts as a platform to boost the industry and talent with the organization of several initiatives to foster relations between national and international professionals. The contest will feature a program of meetings with developers, investors and distributors, mentoring sessions for new creators, as well as a scenario where universities will present their training offer around the world of videogames.

DAF and Le Syndicat Electronique, the best videos, octopus in Sala Apolo, MYBARRIO, cats and first Christmas touches

Soundie Music Video Awards

Soundie Music Video Awards is an international video clip festival in Barcelona with networking space, courses, workshops and musical live performances. The 4th edition of Soundie Music Video Awards will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mondosonoro. The musical touch will be carried out by The New Ramon, Ferran Palau, Lildami and Porto Bello who, apart from carrying their live music, will present their latest music videos. The event closes by reviewing the best of the annual production of video clips at an awards ceremony.

The Palau opens its doors, sit and play, the loop, discounts of up to 80%, a 30-meter led tree and a free piano concert

Open doors at the Palau de la Música Catalana

During 5 hours visitors can move freely through the different areas of the Palau de la Música Catalana: concert hall (stalls and second floor); the Lluís Millet room and the balcony that overlooks the garden of the columns; Petit Palau, where audiovisuals will be broadcast; the CEDOC (Center for Documentation of l'Orfeó Català), located on the fifth floor of the Palau and which protects documentary funds dating back to the twelfth century (commented visits will be organized for small groups); and the Plaça del Palau, in which the Maria Canals International Music Contest will install a piano so that everyone can play it.


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