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IKONO Barcelona is an exciting interactive journey into surreal worlds and experiences. Discover a futuristic ball pool that will make you travel back in time or a Cyber Punk street where you will feel like you are inside a video game.

In 2023, Sónar+D will offer a program of talks, debates and master classes focused on four main themes: the connection between art and science, creators' response to the climate emergency, the development of new forms of creativity and Artificial Intelligence. along with the Web3 paradigm.

First exhibition organized in Spain dedicated exclusively to portraiture in the 19th century, covering all the techniques and manifestations of the genre, including painting, sculpture, medallistic, miniature, watercolor, drawing, etching, lithography and photography. The richness and variety of the Museo Nacional del Prado collections have made this exhibition possible.

The International Vintage Car Rally Barcelona-Sitges, which this year reaches its 65th edition, began its journey in 1959. It is planned as a race although, of course, the important thing is to participate and aesthetics is valued more than speed : both the driver and the occupants must wear period costumes.

The new edition of Futura will pay special attention to the incorporation of students into the labor market. The event will bring together 50 exhibitors, including public and private universities, business schools and training centers that will present their offer of titles for the 2022-23 academic year. The 17th edition of Futura returns with the aim of continuing to promote specialization among post-university students and contributing to improving their rate of job placement.

The Americana is an essential festival where you can see films that usually do not reach our screens. The festival will begin at the Phenomena theater on March 7 and will continue at the Cinemes Girona and at the Zumzeig from March 8 to 12. The inaugural film will come to Americana after having won the Golden Lion for best film at the last Venice festival, we are talking about Beauty and Pain, nominated for an Oscar for best documentary feature. The star guest will be director Todd Solondz, who is coming to Barcelona to present a complete retrospective of his filmography at the Filmoteca from February 28 to March 15.

Fourth edition of the Barcelona Obertura Spring Festival, the first festival organized by the three great musical institutions of Barcelona. The Barcelona Obertura Spring Festival will offer concerts in the three aforementioned venues with big names of the national and international scene, master classes of various instruments, and free concerts in different spaces of Barcelona.

The popular imagery of Barcelona takes to the streets of the old town of Barcelona. Giants, bigheaded, the Eagle.... You can also attend correfocs, castellers, sardana dancing, concerts of gralles, bastonaires, esbarts dancers for children and youth, a meeting of drummers, and much more. During the Santa Eulàlia Festival, many museums and cultural spaces are also open free of charge, and there is an open day at the Barcelona City Hall.

Mummies from Egypt explores, through a collection of objects from the British Museum, the idea of mummification and analyzes the testimony of six people who lived in ancient Egypt. The exhibition features six mummies from people who lived between 800 and 150 BC. C. in Egypt and reveals, from a pioneering non-invasive technology, the discoveries made in these mummies.

The 12th edition of the festival focuses on how the climate crisis has changed our relationship with energy. The proposals for this edition propose new energetically self-sufficient post-carbon urban icons, such as the work Another Moon by the Korean collective Kimchi and Chips, in which a "second moon", drawn by lasers powered solely by solar energy, will float over the Central Park of Poblenou ; or We Harvest Wind by the Dutchman Thijs Biersteker, an interactive kinetic sculpture powered by wind forces that summons the air.