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Literary experiences for the whole family, the best of the independent musical scene and classical in all the districts

Flic Festival

FLIC is a festival related to literary experience and creation. Its main objective is to promote the relationship between literature and the different arts. They use innovative and experimental formats that encourage interdisciplinary creation, while generating interest in the literary. Following this line, the FLIC encourages literary action in unusual spaces and brings it closer to audiences at risk of social exclusion. Another feature of the festival is its proximity to powerful international initiatives, which is why it has been recognized with the European quality seal of EFFE LABEL 2017-2018 of the EFA.

The winter festivities of Barcelona, illuminated, the spirit of Brossa and an icon of the 80s

Fiestas de Santa Eulàlia

The Santa Eulàlia festivities are organized in honor of Santa Eulàlia, co-patron of Barcelona. The days 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 of February there are parades through the streets and squares of Ciutat Vella with giants and big heads, eagles, lions, dance groups, devils, dragons and other characters related to the festive tradition of Barcelona. And of course with castellers in the Plaza de Sant Jaume. The program of popular culture is wide. There is also an exhibition of giants, open days and activities in the City Hall, museums and cultural centers, and the Lali Jove, a specific program for young people and children.

A (g)astronomical event, non-stop dancing, a great smile and the year 4717

The concerts of Marula Café Barcelona

The Marula Café Barcelona is a modern club in Barcelona to listen to live music and to dance. As they say, music and dance are the superfoods that nourish and give life to Marula Café. Every week, from Wednesday to Sunday, they schedule sessions of DJs (residents and guests), jam sessions and concerts of musical styles whose mission, as you may have noticed, is to make you dance and enjoy to the fullest. In the heart of Barcelona, ​​in one of the liveliest streets of Barcelona, ​​the rhythms of Black sounds, funk, jazz, soul, bogaloo, house, disco, old school, beats, swing, rare grooves, hiphop, afrobeat and latin await you.

Cosmopolitan painting in the 17th century, hanging around the ports and the great congress of Barcelona

Velázquez and the Golden Age

This exhibition includes a selection of paintings related to Velázquez, the Spanish royal collections and the Spanish painting of the Golden Age. An occasion that you can not miss to contemplate the work of the Sevillian master together with that of other geniuses of his time such as Rubens, Tiziano, Ribera, Girodano, Brueghel the Elder, Van Dyck, De Lorena, Murillo or Zurbarán. To understand the work of Diego de Velázquez (1599-1660) it is essential to analyze his work outside the Spanish artistic context. And that is what this exhibition does.

A magic escape, xcentric movies, Kiarostami and company, and art in movement

The Magic Gate: a room escape full of fantasy

A master named August Bumbledore challenges you to give you your official magician's wand. It will be your last test and therefore your last chance to get it. To overcome the test you will have to enter his rooms and find the magic door. Discovering it will be the definitive proof to prove that you are authentic magicians. Many have tried before you, and as often happens in these cases, very few have succeeded. You will need to deploy all your skills, and use some spell you will have learned in this school. There are 60 minutes left for the grand master to return to his office to rest, and he will not like to find you snooping around in his things ...

Christmas Special 2018 => 2019

Let's celebrate. We have a bit of 2018 left. Time for celebration and balance. We celebrate, yes, but do we really balance or do the media do it? Rather that. Although there must be something because the kiosks after summer and at the beginning of the year are filled, or were filled, of fascicles to start a collection, a language course ... a new beginning. I have to do something and change the course. Let us also hope that the world in general takes a good course. Social and environmental, and that will require good political direction, although we experience fatigue.

Last chance to see the Tricicle, hat or boa, emerging graphic work and Johann Strauss at the Palau

Hits - Tricicle

Carles Sans, Joan Gràcia and Paco Mir, that is, Tricicle, they have been making us laugh with their personal and unrepeatable humor without words for more than 30 years. This circumstance has allowed them to perform in many countries and currently, Tricicle, is considered by critics as one of the best companies in the world of comedic mime. And this show that is presented at the Victòria Theater will be his farewell to the stage. Did you see "Manicomic", "Slastic" or "Terrífic? Or did you get to them later with the "Sit" chairs? Then came "Garrick" and his latest new creation show "Bits".

We are made of star stuff, author videos, The Messiah in Santa Maria del Mar and shopping in the Maritime

Guided night tour at the Fabra Observatory

Carl Sagan, in the TV series "Cosmos", told us that our star, the Sun, is second or third generation and that all the material we step on, the iron that travels through our blood, the calcium that forms the teeth and the carbon in our genes they were created a billion years ago inside a giant red star. Sagan concluded his explanation with one of the most famous phrases of the series "we are made of star stuff". The phrase helped us to become more interested in the universe. With this guided visit to the Fabra Observatory, you will not travel as far as Sagan proposed, you will stay in our Cosmos neighborhood, but you can feel the experience of coming into contact with the Universe.

The latest in Nintendo or a game of electrotennis? In the movies they always escape and used cars

Barcelona Games World

Barcelona will become a European reference for video games from November 29 to December 2. This edition, the third, will occupy 52,000 m2, and will feature leading companies in the sector such as Bandai Namco, Capcom, Koch, Nintendo, PlayStation, Square Enix, Warner Bros Interactive and Xbox. They will also have the presence of technology companies such as Asus, HP Intel and HTC Vive. The BGW will host the finals of the state's largest eSports competitions and will offer more than 80 activities for gamers to take the gaming experience off the screens. The first day of the fair will be for professionals: there will be conferences on the training plans of the sector and the presentation of innovative projects.

Visit the Palau, Opera in petit comité, the switch and throw the dice

Nits d'Òpera - La Petita Companyia Lírica de Barcelona

Nits d 'Òpera is an event that takes place every Thursday in an iconic palace in Barcelona, the Palau Dalmases. A weekly meeting that for more than 10 years brings together those who want to enjoy an opera night. Whether you are an amateur, an initiate, or just looking for a different experience, you will be surprised by the opera arias and ensembles that the Petita Companyia Lirica de Barcelona performs.


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