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We are made of star stuff, author videos, The Messiah in Santa Maria del Mar and shopping in the Maritime

Guided night tour at the Fabra Observatory

Carl Sagan, in the TV series "Cosmos", told us that our star, the Sun, is second or third generation and that all the material we step on, the iron that travels through our blood, the calcium that forms the teeth and the carbon in our genes they were created a billion years ago inside a giant red star. Sagan concluded his explanation with one of the most famous phrases of the series "we are made of star stuff". The phrase helped us to become more interested in the universe. With this guided visit to the Fabra Observatory, you will not travel as far as Sagan proposed, you will stay in our Cosmos neighborhood, but you can feel the experience of coming into contact with the Universe.

The latest in Nintendo or a game of electrotennis? In the movies they always escape and used cars

Barcelona Games World

Barcelona will become a European reference for video games from November 29 to December 2. This edition, the third, will occupy 52,000 m2, and will feature leading companies in the sector such as Bandai Namco, Capcom, Koch, Nintendo, PlayStation, Square Enix, Warner Bros Interactive and Xbox. They will also have the presence of technology companies such as Asus, HP Intel and HTC Vive. The BGW will host the finals of the state's largest eSports competitions and will offer more than 80 activities for gamers to take the gaming experience off the screens. The first day of the fair will be for professionals: there will be conferences on the training plans of the sector and the presentation of innovative projects.

Visit the Palau, Opera in petit comité, the switch and throw the dice

Nits d'Òpera - La Petita Companyia Lírica de Barcelona

Nits d 'Òpera is an event that takes place every Thursday in an iconic palace in Barcelona, the Palau Dalmases. A weekly meeting that for more than 10 years brings together those who want to enjoy an opera night. Whether you are an amateur, an initiate, or just looking for a different experience, you will be surprised by the opera arias and ensembles that the Petita Companyia Lirica de Barcelona performs.

Save on gas, Mazinger Z for free, give me one of Liberxina and shopping

Cheap gas stations in Barcelona | Gasoline, diesel and biodiesel prices

Finding a gas station cheaper than another in Barcelona will save us more than a few cents. The difference, filling a tank with 50 liters, can be € 11 for gasoline, € 10 for diesel and € 7 for biodiesel. Resources to compare and list fuel prices by cities there are many. What we want to explain in this article has to do with the other important variable at the time of refueling: the location of cheap gas stations.

An ambiguous relationship, with views of Barcelona, supermineralized and video art

Picasso - Picabia. Painting in question

When Picasso and Picabia were little known, the press often confused them by the similarity of their names. This anecdote was perhaps the harbinger of an ambiguous relationship between two apparently antagonistic painters in their way of understanding art. In the first stage of their career they exhibited in the same gallery (1904) but their trajectories crossed in few occasions during that stage. This exhibition, however, reveals for the first time the numerous points in common of their work and the crossed histories of these two great contemporary painters, as well as their relationship and attitude towards the same changing reality.

Halloween special 2018

Halloween in Barcelona: parties, concerts and outstanding activities

Trick or Treating. In the case of Barcelona we should say Halloween or Castanyada, although it seems that Halloween is winning, well, let's say it: it has won. Something of fusion has taken place but in this case the external tradition is the one that has taken the leading role.

A cryptorave, the Asian film festival, the deployment of manga and cinema for the environment

The Influencers

The Influencers is a festival of rebellious projects that combines art, politics, technology and new popular electronic cultures. This edition, the 14th, in which women take center stage, will revolve around the notion of the new digital dark age, approaching the symbolic, political and material contradictions of what we summarily call "internet" and that is much more what it seems like. As featured activities: a cryptorave (you'll have to become a computer miner to get the ticket and know where it takes place), a workshop on decentralized web publishing methods, and the Barcelona Internet Tour, a kind of tourist tour in non tourist places in key of performance and profane lighting.

Music with a heart, Montmartre in CaixaFòrum, the talent of Kubrick and Colombian cinema

Festival of Músiques Sensibles

Músiques Sensibles (sensitive music) is a festival that unites culture and music with commitment and social responsibility. The organizers say it is a festival with heart. And it is normal, it is a pioneering project where the sensitivity is not only musically expressed: 10% of the proceeds goes to non-profit organizations that have limited resources and that deal Integrally with people in need in Barcelona city and its periphery.

Notice about the Pulpada Electrónica

Pulpada Electrónica

Due to heavy rains the event changes date. It will not be 14/10 (next Sunday), but Sunday 21/10.

A pulpada with added value, thought, tolerance, a design festival and the metamarket

Pulpada Electrónica

In this new edition the Pulpada moves to the Fishermen's Association and doubles the gastronomic commitment: the Fishermen's Association will provide the guaranteed seafood product and the same sailors who will bring it on their boats will participate in its preparation. Although you can walk, if you want to take a short walk by sea, the organizers will have prepared a golondrina to take you to the dock. It is free both the outward and return until full capacity of 120 people.


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