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A secret gastronomic expedition, pride in family, the night of fire and open-air opera

Blessed Summer, a secret gastronomic expedition to inaugurate the summer of the Mediterranean

Do you dare to live one of the most authentic gastronomic experiences of the moment? On Friday, June 21, A small group of gastronomy lovers will meet from 4:00 pm to midnight at a secret itinerant event and together, they will deconstruct a traditional dish of Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by the best experts: producers and local chefs. They do not know what will happen or where until they live it. What they do know is that they will take many stories to tell. Do you want to join the group? We have good news: we can get you a place with exclusive discount of 30% for WeBarcelona users. How does it work? You send us an email to info@webarcelona.net with the subject "Blessed Summer" and we will send you a coupon code that you can apply in the reservation form. Afterwards, you will enjoy a unique experience.

Concerts in two modernist roofs, microtheater in the Castle of Montjuïc, a wine day and the off of Pacha

Magic Nights in Casa Batlló

The Magic Nights at the Casa Batlló in its 9th edition offers different types of live music (pop, rock, jazz, blues, flamenco ... in the booking calendar the musical style is indicated and the band or artist who perform every day) and drinks outdoors on the terrace in one of the most emblematic modernist buildings of Barcelona.

The great summer festival of Barcelona, concerts in a Gothic church and parks, design and vinyls

Grec Festival of Barcelona

The Grec de Barcelona is a festival of theater, dance, music, circus and cinema, with a long tradition (this year marks the 43rd edition). It is not only the main cultural attraction of the Barcelona summer, but also a reference in the European calendar of festivals. In this year's edition, which looks towards the Anglo-Saxon cultures, the Grec is structured again in two large groups of shows: El Grec de Montjuïc: the most international Festival, and the Grec City: reflection of local creation. In addition to the usual theaters in Montjuïc and City, in this edition they will have new spaces such as the MNAC, the Palau de la Música, the Drassanes, and several museums and Creation Factories. The CCCB will be the epicenter of the Grec Jove, which this year has more relevance. The Grec 2019 will gather some of the big names of the international scene: Ivo van Hove, Isabelle Huppert, Bob Wilson, William Forsyte, Tom Peeping, Kronos Quartet, Rodrigo Garcia and Circa among others.

The most important festival in Barcelona and its spin-off, something happens on the terraces and a modernist fair

Sónar Barcelona

The Sónar festival arrives in 2019 to its 26th edition. Last year, coinciding with its 25th anniversary, they released music in the direction of the planet Luyten b, located 12.4 light years from Earth. If the possible inhabitants of that planet will still take 11.4 years to receive the broadcast, here on our planet, in Barcelona, ​​we will enjoy this year more than 140 concerts to be held in the 9 stages that add the Sónar by Day and Sónar by night. Among the highlights are the return of Arca, the Venezuelan genius and fetish artist of Sónar. Arca will present in Sónar by Day new material that according to all indications, will be overwhelming and extreme; Underworld will offer an impressive audiovisual show at SonarClub; and Vince Staples, one of the most respected MCs of American hip hop, will debut at the festival with a concert at Sónar by Night.

Flamenco festival, movies and series: another point of view, super discounts, spa, the deep sound of taiko and MotoGP

Ciutat Flamenco

Ciutat Flamenco is a festival that owes its existence to the relationship between Barcelona and flamenco. Expressed clearly: the evolution of this musical genre would not have been the same without Barcelona. In this city, unique historical events have taken place that have affected the history of flamenco. The best artists have performed in Barcelona and great references of cante, toque and baile have been born. In addition, throughout the year, Barcelona offers a large number of shows of this musical genre. In fact, few cities in the world program flamenco as much as the city of Barcelona.

Great trips, immerse yourself in the architecture of Barcelona, the great night of the museums and the last match of Barça at the Camp Nou

IATI Days of the great trips

The Day of the great  trips will bring to the audience the experience of globetrotters who have made sensational trips, of several months or years, by bicycle, by boat, in dilapidated cars, by motorcycle, by public transport, with their children, using barter ... In this edition you will know stories of travelers like Cristina Senserrich (solo hitchhiking and hitchhiking in Latin America), Andreu Rami and Joan López (from Cuba to Iran looking for the summer), Gemma Gimeno and Ginebra Peña (2,500 kms on foot with her daughter ), Ivana Colakovska and Manu Torres (4 years on a motorcycle through the 5 continents), Jorge Juan-Creix and Jenifer Cando (20 months around the world) or Ana Pomares and Alberto Antón (they traveled the Silk Road in tandem).

May, month of big trade fairs and museums, a free family activity and the setting of the series Friends

Automobile Barcelona

Automobile Barcelona, ​​the International Motor Show organized by Fira de Barcelona, ​​is a great international showcase for the main car brands. This year's edition will be very special, as they celebrate their 100th anniversary. Many candles to blow since it began its record journey: it is the first fair event that reaches 100 editions in Spain. This edition of the centenary comes with great news: 44 brands, world, European and national scoops; and an exhibition of 25 vehicles symbolic of their time, which will offer visitors a walk through history.

From Mariah Carey to Kraftwerk, Crying girl on the border, emerging photography, do it yourself and the 4th to Poblenou

Festival Pedralbes

The Festival Pedralbes of Barcelona is a summer outdoor music festival held in an unique place: the gardens of Palau Reial de Pedralbes. This is a place full of history where romance, excitement and mystery can be found. The Festival of Pedralbes always looks for great names of the international and national scene for its main stage and, on most days, offers us a previous concert in the enchanting scenery Village, where you can enjoy the music of emerging artists. This year's edition of the Pedralbes Festival features artists such as the singer Mariah Carey, Woody Allen, who returns to Barcelona, ​​Kraftwerk, who brings us his 3D show, Gary Clark Jr. for rock and blues lovers, and the Beach Boys, who continue surfing the waves around the world.

Quantum mechanics and CCCB, a must; roses and books, D'A, Mixtur, F1, first-person art and Reggaeton


"Quantum" is an international project that has its origins in Collide International, the most important Arts at CERN program that is carried out in collaboration with FACT Liverpool. In the last three years a group of artists were invited to reside in the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research, located in Geneva) to develop their artistic practice. The objective was to establish a dialogue with engineers and particle physicists. "Quantum" brings together the ten works produced thanks to this exchange * (artistic itinerary), and presents nine windows that introduce the work of research in the laboratory (scientific itinerary), developed from the theories of quantum mechanics.

Musical spring, cinema + literature + history, paintings on the floor, market in the Amat Tower and processions

Primavera Sound Barcelona

The New Normal, the slogan or the idea on which the 2019 edition of Primavera Sound floats, flows, rises, falls and rotates. From May 30 to June 1, 2019, the Parc del Fòrum de Barcelona will be the protagonist of an exceptional edition. A turning point. The edition in which everything changes. The parity between men and women, the stylistic eclecticism and the drive, almost an obsession, for the risk to connect with the new times and the new public. And it is not new, it was intuited in the latest editions of Primavera Sound, but this year is final. The new normal. There are 226 names of which more than 50% are women, diversity of musical genres (from extreme metal to reggaeton through pop, hip hop, jazz, electronic experimentation, trap and canonical indie rock), and the more than obvious commitment to renewal.


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