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Music with a heart, Montmartre in CaixaFòrum, the talent of Kubrick and Colombian cinema

Festival of Músiques Sensibles

Músiques Sensibles (sensitive music) is a festival that unites culture and music with commitment and social responsibility. The organizers say it is a festival with heart. And it is normal, it is a pioneering project where the sensitivity is not only musically expressed: 10% of the proceeds goes to non-profit organizations that have limited resources and that deal Integrally with people in need in Barcelona city and its periphery.

Notice about the Pulpada Electrónica

Pulpada Electrónica

Due to heavy rains the event changes date. It will not be 14/10 (next Sunday), but Sunday 21/10.

A pulpada with added value, thought, tolerance, a design festival and the metamarket

Pulpada Electrónica

In this new edition the Pulpada moves to the Fishermen's Association and doubles the gastronomic commitment: the Fishermen's Association will provide the guaranteed seafood product and the same sailors who will bring it on their boats will participate in its preparation. Although you can walk, if you want to take a short walk by sea, the organizers will have prepared a golondrina to take you to the dock. It is free both the outward and return until full capacity of 120 people.

Kinetic art, flower power, autumn of jazz, industry 4.0 and 15 goals difference

Open Works. Art in Movement, 1955-1975

This exhibition, organized by the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation, brings together an important selection of works by 37 international artists who, in the 1950s and 1960s in Europe, serched a profound transformation in the role of the spectator. This artistic movement was called "kinetic art" for promoting the participation of the viewer with the work of art. Most of the works demand interaction of the spectator, in one way or another. On some occasions he will have to touch, in others blow, or as in the case of "Bariestesia", by Gianni Colombo, where he will have to go up and down inclined stairs and thus become aware of the instability of reality. Another example is the "Chromosaturation" by Carlos Cruz-Díez, an installation of rooms designed to provoke in the spectator the effect of chromosaturation by the continuous exposure to different colors; this effect makes the viewer perceive space as a target even though it is not.

It's called erotic but ..., the Millennium starts on 4/10, a cannon at La Barceloneta and us in 2030

Fiesta Mayor de La Barceloneta

The Fiesta Mayor of the Barceloneta quarter is celebrated around the day of Sant Miguel (September 29). During the fiesta are organized Sardanas dances, singing of Habaneras on the beach, correfocs, parades with the giants Pep Barceló and María la Nieta, and parades of the cannon: on the Sunday of the Fiesta, a neighbor dresses like a Napoleonic General wearing a cannon and shooting sweets to the crowd, which is very popular among children. The cannon passes through the streets of the quarter and with every shot the people simulate that they fall down and collect the goodies.

Fantastic cinema fantastic, an end of artistic month and compete writing

Sitges International Film Festival

The Sitges Film Festival was born in 1968 under the name of the 1st International Fantastic Film and Horror Week, and is considered to be the first fantastic film festival in the world. They are ten days of must visit, not only for film lovers, but for the public who wants to know the new trends and technologies applied to film, and the audiovisual world in general. For the Sitges Festival have passed performers, directors and producers of the highest level as Quentin Tarantino, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Paul Verhoeven, George A. Romero, John Landis, Dino de Laurentiis, Takashi Miike, Wim Wenders, Tony Curtis , David Cronenberg, Vanessa Redgrave, Sam Raimi, Roger Corman, Narciso Ibáñez Serrador, Guillermo del Toro, Kim Ki Duk, Álex de la Iglesia, Guillermo del Toro or Susan Sarandon.

Emerging talent, radical discounts, retro-futurism, the jewels of art and great ideas

Swab Barcelona

Swab Barcelona, ​​founded in 2006 by the private collector Joaquín Díez-Cascón, is an international art fair that gathers galleries from different parts of the world, curated projects and collector's programs. Its objective since it was founded is to introduce young and emerging artists with talent from the current panorama of contemporary art. In the edition of this year, the eleventh, 60 galleries from 5 continents and a large number of curated programs participate.

Know the artistic activity of Poblenou, Gambeating, yoga for all and the first of the Champions

Monumental Club

Monumental Club was born in 2017 with the idea of filling the Monumental bullring with activities for friends and family. In the two days of Monumental Club you can enjoy a succulent offer of food trucks; family activities such as the music workshops and self-portraits by Big Mini; a market to promote new projects and sustainable projects in fashion, accessories, design, decoration, gastronomy and culture, and in which you will also find second-hand and vintage objects and clothing; and all this "seasoned" with a musical program that combines live music with dj sessions.

Four days of fiesta in Barcelona, pioneer of color, robots and Vince Gilligan, Jón Gnarr and Nacho Carretero

Why deny it, although the batteries are recharged, the response time is still limited. The energy flows slowly. Postvacational syndrome? Maybe not and all are always prevacational syndromes: we count the months that are left for the next holidays or the days that are left for the next getaway. By adjusting the system a bit, redirecting the energy of the warp engine to the conventional engine, we have started up. The result, here you have it. In this new season that begins we hope to inform you as always of the events that help you complete your agenda, to discover exhibitions, concerts, film festivals and unforgettable experiences, many times without spending money.

Holidays, through the streets of Gràcia and Sants, and legends of Symphonic Rock

The north of Europe has burned, as well the south. And beyond. The thermometer rises steadily and paddle surfers have moved to the lakes of Siberia. Meanwhile, a handful of scientists monitor the permafrost of the tundra. The signing of international treaties is no longer worth as much as before, and strike here, strike there. Nevertheless, with the appearance or the certainty that the world swings on a tightrope, we go on vacation.


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