How to get to Salou from Barcelona - El Prat Airport

How to get to Salou from Barcelona - El Prat AirportSalou, capital of the Costa Dorada, is located 10 km from Tarragona and 113 km from Barcelona. If you have decided to spend your holidays surrounded by its excellent beaches and coves to enjoy its Mediterranean climate, and you are going to travel by plane to Barcelona - El Prat airport, keep in mind that Salou is 98 km away from that airport. It is possible that you have not yet decided, and that you want to verify the transport options you have before booking your flight and your hotel. Here we explain in a simple way the 3 options you have to get to Salou without getting lost: bus, train, and shuttle transfer or taxi service.

Going by coach

The company that offers the service is BUSPLANA. During the spring - summer season, the number of coaches available and the frequency is higher than during the low season, in autumn - winter.

Schedule and frequency

  • In high season (May 1 to November 1) the first coach leaves Barcelona - El Prat airport at 9:15 a.m. (T2) and 9:30 a.m. (T1) and the last one at 12:15 p.m. (T2) and at 24:30 (T1). The frequency varies according to the hours (buses every 45 minutes / 1 hour 15 minutes).
  • In low season (November 2 to April 30) information not available at the moment.


The journey from Barcelona airport - El Prat to Salou is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes.


  • Terminal T1. Floor 0. Arrivals (ticket sales)
  • Terminal T2 B. Technical block

Price per person (2021)

  • One way: 16,90 €
  • Round trip: 29,90 €

Going by train (with transfer in Tarragona)

NOTICE: The Salou urban train station is currently out of service. To get to Salou by train you have to get off at the Port Aventura train station. The new Salou station is in the project phase, it will be called Salou-Port Aventura and will be located in front of the current Port Aventura station. The Port Aventura station is 1.9 km from the Plaça Europa de Salou (20 minutes on foot), therefore, the future Salou station will also be at that distance, but it will have a taxi and bus stop to reach the Salou center. Anyway...

... also keep in mind that ...

...there is no direct train to Salou from the Barcelona - El Prat airport. If you want to use this means of transport you must first go to the Sants station in Barcelona and there take a Regional Express train to the train station in Port Aventura. To get to the Sants station you have two options: the airport train that leaves from terminal T2 and AEROBUS (the nearest bus stop to the station is at Plaza Espanya which is about 10 minutes by walk). If your option is the airport train and you arrive at T1 you have a free shuttle that connects the two terminals. As you have understood, the best thing to do right now is to take the bus, but if you prefer the train in any case, here are the details:

Schedule and frequency of trains

The schedule may vary depending on the time of year but to give you an idea, the first train leaves at 8:30 am and the last at 8:30 pm. Only 3 or 4 trains run a day, depending on the time of year.


The journey from Sants station to Salou is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

Price per person 2021

The Regional Express trains cost € 8.80. You can check the schedules, prices and book here.

Shuttle service - transfer by private taxi, minivan or bus

Without a doubt it is the most comfortable and fastest option, so as you are thinking, it is the least cheap option. However, as the number of passengers increases, it can be even cheaper than the train or coach. And best of all, a driver waits for you inside the terminal with a sign with your name. It accompanies you to the vehicle, which will be parked next to the terminal, and from the parking of the transfer vehicles will take you to the door of your hotel or apartment building. Afterwards, you will only have to unpack your suitcase, put on your swimsuit and take the first dip.

Indicative price

  • From € 157.00, 4 people (€ 39.25 per person)
  • From € 195.00, 6 people (€ 32.50 per person)
  • From € 271.00, 12 people (€ 22.55 per person)
  • From € 300.00, 16 people (€ 18.75 per person)

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