How to get to Sitges from Barcelona - El Prat Airport

SitgesSitges is part of the Costa del Garraf, the coast south of the city of Barcelona that goes from Castelldefels to Cunit. Located 27 km from the Barcelona - El Prat airport and 42 km from Barcelona city, Sitges is known for its beaches, its churches, its architecture, its nightlife and the International Fantastic and Terror Film Festival, among other attractions. It is also famous worldwide for being a gay friendly city. If you are going to visit Sitges and you are arriving by plane, here we explain the options you have to get to this interesting city: coach, train, and transfer or taxi service.

Going by coach

The company that offers the service is MON-BUS, with the line that goes from Bellvitge to Vilanova i la Geltrú (VNG - Bellvitge). However, this same line, depending on the days of the week you can make your departure from Barcelona or have your arrival in Barcelona. For those who travel from the airport to Sitges, or from Sitges to the airport, this does not matter.

Schedule and frequency

  • On weekdays from Monday to Friday, the first bus leaves the airport at 6:50h and the last at 23:50h. The frequency of departures is 30 minutes except from 21:50h when buses leave every hour.
  • On Saturdays the first bus leaves at 7:50h and the last at 22:50h. The frequency of departures is 1 hour.
  • On holidays, the first bus leaves at 8:50 and the last at 22:50h. The frequency of departures is 1 hour.
  • On Sunday the first bus leaves at 9:50h and the last at 23:50h. The frequency of departures is 2 hours.


The journey from Barcelona airport to Sitges is 25 minutes.


At the airport

  • Terminal T1. Floor 0. Arrivals

In Sitges

  • Parc Can Robert
  • Passeig Vilanova, 44 (for the journey from the airport to Sitges) and Avinguda Sofia, 43 (for the journey from Sitges to the airport).
  • La Masia
  • Càmping Sitges

Price per person (2019)

  • Single ticket: € 4.10
  • T10 card zone 3 (10 journeys): € 27.40. This is the integrated transport card of the ATM.
  • T10 card zone 3 of Mon-Bus (10 journeys): € 22.15. Only valid for Mon-Bus coaches.

The single ticket and the T0 of Mon-Bus are bought in the coaches. ATM T10 can be purchased at subway stations and other sale points.

Going by train

There is no direct train from Sitges to the Barcelona airport. If you want to use the train you will have to go first to El Prat de Llobregat station and take a local train to Sitges. To get to El Prat de Llobregat station, you have to take the airport train that leaves from terminal T2. If you arrive at T1 you can take a free bus shuttle that connects the two terminals.

Schedule, durtation and frequency of trains

  • The trains from the airport leave from 5:42h until 23:38h with a frequency of 30 minutes. It takes 7 minutes to get to El Prat de Llobregat station.
  • The trains from El Prat de Llobregat station leave from 5:56h to 00:17h with a frequency of 30 minutes, except between the first and second train, and the last ones in which the frequency between trains is 1 hour. It takes 26 minutes to get to Sitges station.

Price per person (2019)

The single ticket from the airport to El Prat costs € 2.20 and the El Prat to Sitges € 4.20.

Shuttle service - transfer by private taxi, minivan or bus

The fastest and most comfortable option, and although it may seem the most expensive option, keep in mind that increasing the number of passengers can be cheaper than the train or coach.

A driver waits for you in the terminal with a sign with your name, accompanies you to the vehicle, and will take you to the door of your accommodation. Afterwards, you will only be able to enjoy all the tourist attractions of Sitges.

Indicative price

  • From € 73.40, 12 people (€ 6.11 per person)
  • From € 74.93, 13 people (€ 5.76 per person)
  • From € 203.38, 40 people (€ 5.08 per person)

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Breda corish

Where can I get bus in Sitges to go to Reus airport

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Hello Breda,

As far as we know, there is no direct buses to Reus airport from Sitges. The only possibility will be to take the train to San Vicens de Calders, there take another train to Reus and close to Reus train station you will find the L50 bus which will take you to Reus airport. The whole journey it will take you about 2 hour and a half.

Best wishes,

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