El Prat Josep Tarradellas (BCN) is the main Barcelona airport. It is about 13 km south-west of the Barcelona city centre (Plaça Catalunya). From the airport you can get to the city by bus, metro, train or taxi.

Aerobus Barcelona

Bus Barcelona - El Prat airport | AEROBUS

The fastest bus with a more frequent service is the AEROBUS. It has a light blue colour and there are busstops at all the terminals of the airport. It runs beween the airport and the Plaça de Catalunya (centre of Barcelona) and the travel time is about 35 minutes. There are 2 lines, the A1 (light blue) which runs from the Terminal 1 (T1) and the A2 (light blue) from the Terminal 2 (T2).


  • This is the route from the airport (Terminal T1): Plaza España, Gran Via-Borrell, Plaza de la Universitat and Plaza Catalunya (city centre).
  • From Plaza Catalunya to the airport: Sepúlveda-Urgell, Plaza Españya, Airport Terminal T1.

Timetable and frequency of the AEROBUS A1

  • Service 24 hours a day all year. The frequency of passage varies according to the hours of the day and goes from 5 minutes at peak times to 20 minutes at certain times of the night.


  • This is the route from the airport (Terminal T2B): Airport (Terminal T2C), Plaza España, Gran Via-Borrell, Plaza de la Universitat and Plaza Catalunya (centre of the city).
  • From Plaza Catalunya to the airport: Sepúlveda-Urgell, Plaza Españya and Airport (Terminal T2B).

Timetable and frequency of the AEROBUS A2

  • Service 24 hours a day all year. The frequency of passage varies according to the hours of the day and goes from 10 minutes at peak times to 20 minutes at certain times of the night.


Also consider the Hola BCN card that offers you unlimited travel on Barcelona's public transport (metro and airport metro, day buses, FGC zone 1, Montjuic funicular, tram, suburban trains zone 1).


The bus line 46

There is another bus line with less frequency which takes you to Barcelona (Plaça Espanya and Fira Barcelona). The travel time is a bit longer (about 50 minutes) but the ticket, you can buy it on the bus, is cheaper (2.55 €, price 2024. You can also use the Hola BCN card, T-casual (1 zone) and other cards). It's the line línea 46 and can be taken at all terminals. Please note that the T-casual card cannot be purchased at the automatic sale machines of the airport metro stations, it can only be purchased at the machines at the train station (terminal T2).

Night bus Barcelona airport

N18 line

Travel from all airport terminals to the Plaça Catalunya - Pelai (center of Barcelona). It has several stops on Gran Vía, in Plaça Espanya and Plaça Universitat.

  • Schedule from the airport to Plaça Catalunya - Pelai: from 0:18 to 4:33 h with a frequency of 60 minutes.
  • Schedule from Plaça Catalunya - Pelai to the airport: from 0:05 to 4:50 h with a frequency of 60 minutes.
  • Price (2024 rate): € 2.55. The same transport cards and passes can be used as on day buses.
Barcelona metro airport

Metro Barcelona - El Prat airport

The metro line L9 sud can be taken in the T1 and T2 airport terminals of Barcelona and connects with 4 urban metro lines: Torrassa station with the line L1, Collblanc station with L5, Zona Universitaria station with L3 and Can Tries / Gornal station with L10. The L9 Sud has two stations in the area of Fira de Barcelona Gran Via and at the Europa Fira station, you can change with the FGC, which will take you to Plaça Espanya.

The normal single fare ticket is not valid for the Airport. It is necessary to buy a special single ticket to the airport. It is also important to note that the T-casual card is not valid for the airport (although if you arrive at the airport with an invalid ticket, you can buy an airport ticket to leave the station).

  • Schedule
  • Price for a single ticket (2024 rate): €5.50
  • Most common valid cards: Hola BCN, T-usual and T-dia.
  • Travel time to Plaza Catalunya, Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter: 55 minutes approx.
  • Travel time to the Sagrada Famila area: 60 minutes approx.

There is another night bus line that goes to Barcelona, the N17, which only leaves from the T1 terminal and passes through L'Hospitalet de Llobregat before reaching the center of Barcelona.

Barcelona Sants train station

Getting Barcelona by train from the airport

The access is from Terminal 2 (T2) through a pedestrian walkway. There is a free airport shuttle bus between the 2 Terminals, for those who arrive or depart from the Terminal (T1).

The stations (with connections to metro and bus lines):

  • Main train station of Sants (Plaça de Sants, close to the Plaça d'Espanya)
  • Passeig de Gracia (centre of Barcelona)
  • Clot-Aragó (Av. Meridiana, close to the Plaça de les Glòries)
  • Barcelona-Sant Andreu Comtal

Timetables (from the aiport): monday to sunday from 05:42 h.to 23:38.
Timetables (from Sants station): monday to sunday from 05:13 h.to 23:13.
Timetables (from Passeig de Gràcia station): monday to sunday from 05:08 h.to 23:07.
Frequency: every half an hour.
Travel time to Barcelona Sants: 20 minutes
Travel time to Passeig de Gràcia (Barcelona city center): 24 minutes
Price 1 way: 4,60 € (price 2024). You can also use the Hola BCN card, T-casual (1 zone) and other cards

Barcelona airport taxi

Taxi of Barcelona airport

Barcelona taxis are easily spotted with their yellow and black livery. There are taxi ranks outside each terminal building. The journey into the city takes around 30 minutes and costs around € 30,00. Taxis are obliged to offer credit card payment, not charge for luggage and issue a receipt for the journey made; and wheelchairs and pushchairs must be carried free of charge. As for pets, it is up to the taxi driver to accept them or not, except in the case of guide dogs, which must be accepted.

Hire a car in Barcelona airport

The airport access road is the Barcelona-Castelledefels motorway C-31. The exit B-22 leads to the T1 and the C-32B leads to the T2. The 2 terminals are connected by a road. The C-31 motoway leads directly into the city on the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes (popular Gran Via), the principal Avenue of Barcelona which runs the city from south to north, and it's quite easy to get to the centre. By the way, if you rent a car you will need to book a parking.

Transfer service to go from the airport to Barcelona

The most simple and convenient option for visitors coming to Barcelona is a private shuttle service. It is not much more expensive than a taxi and they will wait for you with a sign with your name inside the terminal. Indicative prices:

  • From 1 to 3 people: from €41.00
  • 4 people: from €45.00
  • 5 people: from €60.00
  • 6 people: from €64.00
  • 7 people: from €73.00
  • 8 people: from €77.00

You can also book transfers for larger groups and shared transfers.

Book a transfer from Barcelona airport to Barcelona city

Going from Barcelona airport to other areas

Hotels near Barcelona Airport, El Prat Josep Tarradellas - BCN


Dear Ankita,

If you are staying at the Acta Mimic Hotel you don't need to go to Plaça Catalunya, you can go to Plaça Espanya, the first bus stop in Barcelona. From there you can get the metro (next to the bus stop), line L3 to Paral.lel station (only 2 metro stations). You could also stop a taxi in Plaça Espanya, but if you have a lot of luggage maybe is not possible with only a taxi. Other option is to contract a transfer service from Barcelona airport, but you should book for 5 persons so you will get a mini van and then you will not have problems with the baggage.

We hope you have a nice stay in Barcelona!!

Mon, 01/06/2015 - 13:31

In reply to by Ankita Agarwal (not verified)

Bonjour Dahan,
Il n'y a pas AEROBUS, vous devez prendre la ligne L99 à la T1 jusqu'à l'arrêt Ctra. de la Vila - Pl. St. Herblain et après vous avrez environ 15 mintes à pied pour arriver à l'hôtel.
Bon voyage!

Sun, 05/07/2015 - 07:13

In reply to by dahan (not verified)

Buenos días! Llego mañana día 10 de diciembre a las 11 de la noche al Prat T1 y me gustaría saber cuál es la mejor forma de llegar a la estación de trenes de Sants debido a que es un poco tarde.

Muchas gracias :)

Tue, 09/12/2014 - 10:59
Carlos (not verified)

What is the best way to get to Hotel Balmoral from the airport. I'll be carrying a backpack and I do not want to take a taxi. First time in Barcelona! Please help

Sat, 25/04/2015 - 00:18
Nicole (not verified)


am kommenden Sonntag gg. 10:00 Uhr morgens, komme ich am Terminal 2 in Barcelona am Flughafen an.
Wie komme ich am besten mit dem Zug von Barcelona Flughafen (Terminal 2) nach Empuriabrava (via Figueres)?
Gibt es eine direkte Verbindung oder muss ich umsteigen? Wo kann ich die Tickets besrogen?

VG und vielen Dank im Voraus für die Hilfe!

Tue, 12/07/2016 - 22:21
Adam (not verified)

bonjour, comment me rendre de l'aéroport El Prat à l'hôtel Sun & Moon Ferran, 17
Ciutat Vella
Barcelona, 08002, Espagne

Tue, 09/06/2015 - 13:03
pierre (not verified)

Hi Nicole,

Take the AEROBUS at the airport and get off the bus in Plaça Catalunya. Then take the metro line L3 (the green one) in the same square, Trinita Nova direction, and get off the metro in Diagonal station. From there you can walk to the Hotel Balmoral.

Have a nice stay in Barcelona!!

Sat, 25/04/2015 - 11:25

In reply to by Nicole (not verified)

Hola Carlos:
Lo mejor es tomar el AEROBUS (+ información en esta página) hasta Plaza Espanya. Ahí puedes coger el metro L3 hasta la estación de Sants (son sólo dos estaciones de metro y sales directamente en Sants). El metro funciona los días laborables hasta las 24:00 h. Si no llegases a tiempo puedes ir andando a Sants desde Plaza Espanya por la calle Tarragona.
¡Buen viaje!

Tue, 09/12/2014 - 17:05

In reply to by Carlos (not verified)

LLego a la T2 el domingo 7 dic. a las 23.30. ¿Hay transporte público a esa hora? . Voy a Travessera de Gràcia, 380.

Thu, 04/12/2014 - 14:23
Iñaki (not verified)

Message: I will be coming to Barcelona for the first time, can any body guide me how to transfer from Treminal 1 air port to Senator Barcelona Spa Hotel which is at Cardenal Reig, 11, Les Korts, 08028 Barselona.

Wed, 15/04/2015 - 20:51
Milenko (not verified)


en vue de notre prochain séjour à Barcelone (arrivée le 2 juin), pouvez vous me dire quel est le moyen de transport le plus simple
pour se rendre de l'aéroport à notre hôtel situé Rossello, 390 -Eixample ?

merci par avance

Tue, 26/05/2015 - 16:50
joelle (not verified)

wie kommen wir vom Flughafen El Prat T2 zur Avenida Meridiana (die nächste Haltestelle ist der U-Bahnhof Clot)?
Außerdem kommen wir erst um 23 Uhr an. Wie viel kosten die Tickets und wo können wir sie kaufen?
Liebe Grüße

Sun, 15/05/2016 - 12:20
Celine (not verified)

Hola Iñaki, hasta la 01:00 h puedes coger el AEROBUS. Bájate en Plaza Catalunya y coge el metro L3 hasta la estación de Diagonal. En Diagonal cambia a la L5 y bájate en la estación Sant Pau/Dos de Maig que está muy cerca de Travessera de Gràcia 380. El metro los domingos funciona hasta las 24:00 h pero como es víspera de festivo funcionará hasta las 02:00 h. Esperamos que esta información te sea útil.

Thu, 04/12/2014 - 22:57

In reply to by Iñaki (not verified)

Dear Milenko,

Take the Aerobus at the airport and get off the bus at Plaça Espanya (first bus stop in Barcelona). Thne take the bus D20 (Ernest Lluch direction) in Creu Coberta street. This street and the bus stop is just on the left of the Hotel Catalonia Barcelona Plaza. Get off the D20 at the bus stop Collblanc-Cardenal Reig. You will be next to the hotel. Tip: In Plaça Espanya buy first a T10 card for the bus in a metro station or at the tourist office (next to the twin towers). You can also buy online the Hola BCN Card.

Hope the information is useful for you.

Thu, 16/04/2015 - 10:44

In reply to by Milenko (not verified)

Bonjour Joelle,

Le plus simple serait de réserver un service de transfert mais si vous voulez utiliser le transport public, l'option la plus simple serait, si vous arrivez a la terminal T2, de prendre le train jusqu'à la gare de Sants et depuis là vous pouvez prendre le métro ligne L5 (dans la gare) jusquè la station de Sagrada Familia (l'hôtel est à côte). Si vous arrivez à la terminal T1 vous pouvez prendre le bus transit pour aller a la T2 (il est gratuit) ou prendre la navette AEROBUS à l'aéroport jusqu'à la Plaça Catalunya (final) et depuis là prendre la ligne L3 de métro et changer a Diagonal station à la ligne L5.

Nous vous souhaitons un bon séjour à Barcelone.

Tue, 26/05/2015 - 19:53

In reply to by joelle (not verified)

Hallo Celine,
Ja, der Bahnhof in Barcelona für Sie ist Clot. Denken Sie bitte daran, dass der letzte Zug um 23:38h abfährt. Die Tickets können am Bahnhof erworben werden. Denken Sie daran, die T10-Karte zu kaufen, die Ihnen für den öffentlichen Verkehr in Barcelona dienen wird. Sie können auch online die Hallo BCN-Karte kaufen, die sowohl für den Zug und als auch für die anderen Transportmittel von Barcelona dient.
Wir wünschen Ihnen einen guten Aufenthalt in Barcelona!

Tue, 17/05/2016 - 10:36

In reply to by Celine (not verified)

if im arriving at barcelona el prat at 11.40pm and im going to catalunya square. how far is that? what are the option? im looking at bus or taxi. how much will taxi cost . thank you

Wed, 08/04/2015 - 14:35
PK (not verified)

En mayo voy a Barcelona a un concierto en el Palau Sant Jordi, desde el aeropuerto hasta la plaza de espanya creo que es, que bus o metro puedo cojer? Y a partir de las 2 de la mañana que opciones tengo para volver al aeropuerto?

Wed, 26/11/2014 - 01:35
azar (not verified)

Merci de toutes vos précisions. Grâce à vous on sera moins perdu en arrivant à Barcelone

Thu, 21/05/2015 - 20:03
Carcel (not verified)

Guten Tag!
Mein Flug kommt gegen 23 Uhr an. Ich wollte eigentlich mit dem Zug in die Stadt fahren.
Falls aber eine Verspätung gibt, sodass ich den letzten Zug nicht schaffe, was tu ich am besten? Ein Taxi wäre mir, ehrlich gesagt, etwas zu teuer.

Viele Grüße

Thu, 12/05/2016 - 13:47
Angelina (not verified)

Hello PK, The best option is the AEROBUS. Will take you there in around 20-30 minutos. Plaça Catalunya is the last bus stop in Barcelona. A taxi will cost you around 25 euros. Have a nice stay!

Wed, 08/04/2015 - 23:01

In reply to by PK (not verified)

Una viaje express que seguro merecerá la pena. Para llegar a la Plaza Espanya el AEROBUS (también existe otro autobús que va a la Plaza Espanya, se trata de la línea 46, es más económica pero hace un recorrido más largo y la frecuencia de paso es menor. Para la noche, la línea N17. Funciona de 23:00 h hasta las 4:00 h y la frecuencia de paso es de aproximadamente 20 minutos. La parada está en Gran Vía, junto a Plaza Espanya y ctra de la Bordeta. Puede tardar en llegar al aeropuerto unos 45 minutos.

Wed, 26/11/2014 - 12:34

In reply to by azar (not verified)

Hallo Angelina,
Der letzte Zug fährt um 23:38h vom Terminal T2 ab. Beachten Sie bitte, dass, wenn Sie am T1 Terminal ankommen, müssen Sie einen Bus (gratis) nehmen, um zum T2 Terminal zu kommen. Sie können auch den AEROBUS von allen Terminals aus nehmen, der Sie ins Stadtzentrum von Barcelona bringt.
¡Buen viaje!

Fri, 13/05/2016 - 11:21

In reply to by Angelina (not verified)

I will be coming to Barcelona for the first time, can any body guide me how to transfer from Treminal 1 air port to Hotel Caledonian which is at Gran Via Corts Catalanes 574 ?

Thu, 02/04/2015 - 13:10
Harshad Shah (not verified)

El 7 de diciembre voy a Barcelona, llego a la T2 y tengo una habitación alquilada en gran vía de las cortes catalanas, como puedo llegar hasta alli? Gracias, un saludo

Sat, 15/11/2014 - 03:53
vanessa (not verified)

arrivant demain au terminal T1 de Barcelone , je ne sais comment me rendre avec l'Aerobus et le métro pour me rendre à l'hôtel Ronda Lesseps Carrer Ballester 77 ? Quels changements effectuer? Comment se rendre ensuite à la Sagrada Familial et l'as Ramblas depuis l'hôtel ? Merci beaucoup

Thu, 21/05/2015 - 12:15
Carcel (not verified)

Dear Harshad Shah, It's very easy. Take the AEROBUS at the airport (see information on this page). The bus stop for your hotel is Universitat (it's the third one in Barcelona city). The hotel is just 2-3 minutes walk from the bus stop. We hope you have a nice stay in Barcelona!

Thu, 02/04/2015 - 14:41

In reply to by Harshad Shah (not verified)

Hola Vanessa, la Gran Via de Barcelona es la calle más larga por número de portales no sólo de Barcelona sino de toda España. Si nos dices el número del edificio en el que te vas a alojar te podremos dar explicaciones más precisas. Muchos saludos.

Mon, 17/11/2014 - 10:40

In reply to by vanessa (not verified)

Bonjour Carcel,
Très facile. Aerobus jusqu'à la Plaça Espanya et depuis là, à côté de l'arrêt de bus, prendre le métro ligne L3 direction Trinitat Nova, jusqu'à la station Lesseps et après 5-10 minutes à pied. Pour aller au centre de Barcelone, Las Ramblas, etc., aussi très facile, la ligne L3 jusqu'à la station de Catalunya.
Bon voyage!

Thu, 21/05/2015 - 16:05

In reply to by Carcel (not verified)

Hallo Chorrosch,
Falls Ihr Bus auf der "Avinguda Meridiana - Plaça Doktor Serrat - El Clot" eine Haltestelle hat, wären Sie ganz in der der Nähe des Plaça de les Glories (5 Minuten zu Fuss). Wenn nicht, dann ist ihre Haltestelle der Busbahnhof Barcelona Nord. Von dort aus kommen Sie mit der Linie L1, Arc de Triomf Station bis zur Glóries Station, (nur zwei Metro-Stationen) zu Ihrem Ziel.
Gute Reise!

Tue, 19/04/2016 - 17:32

In reply to by Chorrosch (not verified)

From hotel Caledonian I have to go to
Halls 6&7, Fira de Barcelona - Gran Via
Av. Joan Carles I, 64
08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Barcelona, Spain

Pl suggest what are the options available to reach above exhibition hall.

If possible, I wanted to do one day city tour, is it possible?

Sat, 04/04/2015 - 08:29
Harshad Shah (not verified)

In reply to by WeBarcelona

Dear Harshad Shah, to get the exhibition center (Fira Barcelona Gran Via) from Hotel Caledonian take the bus L94 at Plaça Goya (it is very close to the hotel, ask there about directions). The bus stop for the Exhibition center is Amadeu Torner. Total time around 25 minutes.
We can arrange a city tour for you, but we would need more information. Do you want a private tour in a car with a driver? Do you also want an official guide? What language for the guide? For how many people? 4 hour or 8 hours? Please, answer those questions sending us an email to info@webarcelona.net then we will send you a budget.

Sat, 04/04/2015 - 11:47

In reply to by Harshad Shah (not verified)

La calle Vilamarí está muy cerca de la Plaza Espanya, así que lo más fácil y rápido para llegar a tu apartamento es el AEROBUS. La Plaza Espanya es la primera parada del autobús en Barcelona y desde la parada se puede ir andando a la calle Vilamarí (5 minutos). Información sobre precios y horarios del AEROBUS en esta misma página. ¡Buen viaje!

Wed, 19/11/2014 - 10:41

In reply to by vanessa (not verified)

Bonjour, comment me rendre de l'aéroport Barcelone à l'hôtel Bel Art, carrer de Lepant. Le billet T10 est il valable pour le train de l'aéroport également.
Merci beaucoup

Mon, 18/05/2015 - 20:14
Najjari (not verified)

Could you tell me how far this address is from the drop off point of the AeroBus at Plaza Catalunya? We think that we'll be able to walk to it in a decently short amount of time (no more than 15 minutes).

Thank you for your help.

Mon, 16/03/2015 - 00:26
Kris (not verified)

Si llegáis a la T2 la mejor opción y las más económica sería tomar el tren. En la misma T2 encontraréis un acceso para la estación. Tenéis que bajar en la estación de Passeig de Gràcia y en ella misma coger el metro L4 dirección Trinitat Nova hasta la estación Alxons X. Por cierto, el hotel está muy cerca de un importante complejo modernista que merece la pena visitar, el Hospital de Sant Pau.

Wed, 22/10/2014 - 17:15

In reply to by Almaria3 (not verified)

Bonjour Najjari,

Pour arriver à l'hôtel Confortel Bel Art, vous pouvez prendre le train dans le terminal T2 (il n'y a pas de gare dans la T1 mais un autobus gratuit connecte les deux terminaux) jusqu'à la gare de Sants. Dans la même gare veuillez prendre le métro ligne L5 direction Vall d'Hebron, jusqu'à la station Sant Pau dos de Maig. L'hôtel est à 5-10 minutes à pied. Par rapport à l'autre question la T10 de 1 zone elle ne sert pas au train de l'aéroport, la T10 4 zones oui, mais pour vister la ville il serait mieux d'acheter une Hola Bcn qu'inclut le billet pour le train à l'aéroport.

Nous vous souhaitons un bon séjour à Barcelone.

Tue, 19/05/2015 - 14:59

In reply to by Najjari (not verified)

Guten Tag,
Es ist am besten am Flughafen-Terminal T2 den Zug zu nehmen, bis zum Bahnhof Passeig de Gràcia und von da aus in der gleichen Station die Metro Linie L4  bis zur Metro Station Barceloneta zu fahren. Sie werden von da aus in 10 Minuten zu Fuß an Ihrem Ziel sein. Falls Sie am T1 Flughafen-Terminal ankommen, gibt es einen kostenlosen Bus, der die beiden Terminals verbindet. Sie können die Tickets T10 und Hallo BCN für die Zugfahrt benutzen. Eine weitere Möglichkeit ist es, den Aerobus zum Plaza Catalunya zu nehmen, von da aus zum Plaza Urquinaona (ganz in der Nähe) zu gehen und dort die Metro-Linie L4 bis zur Metro Station Barceloneta nehmen.
Guter Aufenthalt in Barcelona!

Mon, 18/04/2016 - 10:45

In reply to by Filocsmo (not verified)

Vamos a ir a Barcelona y vamos a estar en el hotel aristol de la calle cartagena 369. Cual seria la mjor manera de llegar desde el aeropuerto de Barcelona? Muchas gracias.

Tue, 21/10/2014 - 19:14
Almaria3 (not verified)

quel serait mon trajet en arrivant à l'aéroport de Barcelone jusqu'à l’hôtel NH CONSTANZA deu i mata, 66-99, les corts
avec mes remerciements

Sat, 02/05/2015 - 12:44
marie (not verified)

How can I get carre Escorial 32 baixos from Barcelona airpot? Thank you very much.

Mon, 15/12/2014 - 11:05
Yoneyama Akira (not verified)

Hallo, wie komme ich am besten vom Flughafen zur Station Hospital Clinic, mein Hotel ist an der Carrer Comte de Borrell .
Und was kostet die Fahrt bis dahin ?

MfG und vielen Dank ! S. Bursch

Wed, 24/02/2016 - 14:10
Bursch (not verified)

Bonjour Marie,
Prennez l'AEROBUS à l'aéroport jusqu'à la Plaça Espanya (le premier arrêt dans Barceolona). Sur la même place vous prenez l'autobus V7 direction Sarrià jusqu'à l'arrêt Constança. L'hôtel est à 200 mètres. Su voys préfèrez aller avec métro, dans la Plaça Espanyavous pouvez prendre la ligne L3 jusqu'à la station de Maria Cristina (depuis là jusqu'à l'hôtel ce sont environ 10-15 minutes à pied).
Nous vous souhaitons un bon séjour à Barcelone.

Sat, 02/05/2015 - 12:55

In reply to by marie (not verified)

Dear Mr Yoneyama, If you arrive to the T2 you could take the train to Passeig de Gràcia station. There you can take the metro L4, the green one (Trinitat Nova direction) to Joanic station. In Joanic station you can walk to the address you mention. Ariving at T2 or T1 (probably you will arrive at T1) you can take the AEROBUS to Plaça Catalunya (last bus stop). From there you can walk along Passeig de Gràcia to Passeig de Gràcia metro station (L4). All this is valid assuming you arrive at daytime. We hope this information is useful for you.

Tue, 16/12/2014 - 10:52

In reply to by Yoneyama Akira (not verified)

Hallo Bursch,

Eine gute Möglichkeit ist der Zug zum Bahnhof Sants und von da aus mit der Metro Linie L5 bis zur Hospital Clinic Station. Den Zug fährt am T2 Terminal ab. Sollten Sie am T1 Terminal ankommen, so gibt es einen kostenlosen Bus, der die beiden Terminals miteinander verbindet. Auf dem Bahnhof können Sie die T10-Karte kaufen, die Sie auch in der Stadt benutzen können.

Einen Guten Aufenthalt in Barcelona!

Thu, 25/02/2016 - 10:36

In reply to by Bursch (not verified)

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