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The Circuit of Montmeló, built in 1991, has a length of 4,627 meters and 14 curves that make the emotion does not decline at any time, especially in motorcycle racing. The Grand Prix de Catalunya de Motociclismo has been held since 1991, although from that year until 1995 it was called the European Motorcycling Grand Prix.

This speed test held at the Montmeló circuit in the province of Barcelona is part of the World Motorcycle Championship.

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Pilots and constructors of motorcycles that more times have won in Montmeló

  • Pilot: Valentino Rossi, Italy (10 times, 1 in the 125cc category, 2 in 250cc, 1 in 500cc and 6 in MotoGP) / Constructor: Honda, Japan (23 times, 6 in the Moto3 category, 3 in 125 cc, 4 in 250 cc, 5 in 500 cc and 5 in MotoGP)
  • Pilot: Jorge Lorenzo, Spain (6 times, 1 in the 250cc category and 5 in MotoGP) / Constructor: Aprilia, Italy (17 times, 9 in the 125cc category and 8 in 250cc)
  • Pilot: Dani Pedrosa, Spain (3 times, 1 in the 125cc category, 1 in 250cc and 1 in MotoGP / Yamaha, Japan (10 times, 1 in the 250cc category and 9 in MotoGP)

Podium of the last edition


  • First: Marc Márquez (Spain). Constructor: Honda (Japan)
  • Second: Fabio Quartararo (France). Constructor: Yamaha (Japan)
  • Third: Danilo Petruccio (Italy). Constructor: Ducati (Italy)


  • First: Alex Márquez (Spain). Constructor: Kalex (Germany)
  • Second: Thomas Lüthi (Switzerland). Constructor: Kalex (Germany)
  • Third: Jorge Navarro (Spain). Constructor: Speed Up (Italy)


  • First: Marcos Ramírez (Spain). Constructor: Honda (Japan)
  • Second: Aron Canet (Spain). Constructor: KTM (Austria)
  • Third: Celestino Vietti (Italy). Constructor: KTM (Austria)

Next race: June 5 to 7, 2020

Get your tickets for the Grand Prix de Catalunya de Motociclismo race of 2020 - MotoGP at the Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya. Think about where you want to enjoy the race. You can choose a seat in one of the 13 tribunes available or follow the Grand Prix from the Pelouse areas. The best riders in the world, such as Marc Márquez, Andrea Dovizioso or Valentino Rossi await you.

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