Pride Barcelona


Barcelona hosts every summer and since 2008, the main celebration of gay pride in the Mediterranean, attended by more than 380,000 people each year. The Pride Barcelona is a non-profit event, both festive and vindicating in favor of the rights of the LGTBI collective and offers a careful selection of activities: talks, seminars, cinema, artistic exhibitions, shows ... and during the night, in addition, the night bars, discos and saunas of the city celebrate special parties. This year's motto is "We Are Family", a slogan that aims to help claim the rights of LGTBI families. And we are not only talking about their right to exist, but also about their right to be recognized in all social areas, because LGTBI families are always families, in every moment and everywhere.

The 2019 edition of Pride Barcelona

The Pride program is carried out mainly in the Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina that houses the Village, center of the celebration with activities such as high-heeled races, sports proposals and musical performances. In this year's edition the Plaza del Univers is incorporated into the event, which is why 16,000 m2 are won for the celebration. In the Village is also the Pride Kids stage, which this year will hold activities throughout the day. In the Village you can also find the Entities area where you can find information about the LGTBI movement in Catalonia; the Commercial Village, with the best offers from the sponsors and collaborators of the festival; and a new restaurant area with food trucks.

The culminating moment, the demonstration

The most demanding action of the Pride, the demonstration, will take place on Saturday, June 28 between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. It begins in the Parc de les Tres Xemeneies and ends at Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina. 40 groups will be represented and 30 floats will parade under the slogan "We are family everywhere".

The pre-Pride

Before June 28, Pride Barcelona organizes several activities related to the two great days, such as the Trans Vermouth, a day at the Tibidabo Amusement Park, a series of conferences about the theme "We are families everywhere" and a market and a LGBTI party in the Gaixample. The proclamation of this year's edition will be on June 27 and will be led by Itziar Castro.

50 years of Stonewall

This year's Pride in Barcelona commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall revolts that led to the creation of the contemporary LGTBI movement. After years of systematic attacks on the freedom of the LGTBI community, at dawn on June 28, 1969, a group of gays, lesbians, transsexuals, dragg-queens and LGTBI people confronted the authorities. The start of the riots took place in a bar in the Greenwich Village of New York called Stonewall Inn. The following days there were many demonstrations. From then on, groups of activists began to promote the rights of gays and lesbians, and the following year, during the commemoration of the anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the first gay pride demonstrations were organized in New York and Los Angeles.

Check the program to know all the activities that are organized outside the two big Pride days and outside the main stage.