OVNI (Unidentified Video Observatory)


OVNI (Unidentified Video Observatory) came to light in 1994 and, since then, it is a research project that focuses on the analysis and criticism of contemporary culture. Its tool is video and one of its peculiarities is that it is created by video authors and not by managers or curators. OVNI is an author project about authors who use the independent videographic medium: the priority is creative practice. This project has witnessed three key decades of today's society, as it has witnessed the birth of the internet, the transition from analog to digital and tectonic changes in the political and spiritual crust of culture. And most importantly, everything has been included in the Observatory Archives, created in 1999.

About the 2020 edition of OVNI

Under the title "End of Winter: intuiting the light of twilight, going through mirages and arriving at the memory", OVNI presents, through approximately forty works, a route of collective authorship of all its archives. "End of Winter" is divided into four video sessions that, in a subtle way, reflect on the memory and drift of our days. This edition will remind Toni Serra - Abu Ali who died last November 21. The programming is guided by some of his work: each session begins and ends with one of his videos. "End of Winter" is not intended to be an anthology of the archive, but to focus on fundamental issues, situations, witnesses and landscapes of these decades to dialogue with a chaotic and lossy present.

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