New Year's Eve, The Chimes of New Year


The Chimes of New Year, ie the New Year Celebration, will be held at the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. And why chimes? Because with each bell strike at midnight December 31 it is traditional in Spain to eat 12 grapes to the rhythm marked by 12 strokes; one for each month of the next year, and if you do so, then you will have good luck in the new year.

Pyrotechnics, music, light and water

This year the show that will take us to 2019 between ooooohs! It has been conceived by the French company Group F, which has been inspired by the tradition of the twelve grapes to create this multimedia event, which will be a formidable burst of light, music, color, water and pyrotechnics. The result is at the same time great and delicate, very exciting and excellent for a collective celebration. A very special experience for those who want to celebrate the arrival of 2019 on the street.

Access to the site

From 21:30 h. there will be choreography at the Magic Fountain. The great celebration of New Year's Eve in Barcelona will begin at 23:45 h. The conclusion of the celebration is scheduled at 00:10 h.

Public transport

Remember that on the new year's eve, the subway will work all the nighty and, as every night, there will be night buses.

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Approximately 70,000 people in the Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina.

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