Lapsus, Avant-garde electronic music festival sessions


The festival of Vanguard Music LAPSUS, a sample of the most prominent and advanced moment of national and international music, is transformed. This year's edition, the sixth, will be held by chapters at different times of the year. There will be one session in the spring, another in the autumn and the last in the winter. Recall that Lapsus was born from a multidisciplinary artistic platform in 2004 constituted by the weekly program of Radio 3 (RNE) LAPSUS RADIO, which airs every Saturday night, the record label LAPSUS RECORDS and LAPSUS FESTIVAL.

The session of March 30 - ACT I: Lapsus x Unsound

The first appointment of 2019 has Polish accent. Lapsus collaborates with the Unsound international festival in Krakow and has the support of the Polish Institute of Culture. This collaboration will bring us artists such as Lanark Artefax, one of the producers who has revolutionized the experimental scene in recent years; Resina, a Polish cellist who explores electronics surprisingly with an instrument of strong classical tradition; and Lutto Lento, producer that fuses ethnic sounds and IDM. The performances of Lutto Lento and Resina are supported by the platform of the European Union for musical and audiovisual innovation SHAPE.

In addition to the performances, Lapsus will offer talks and dialogues, and a night session in the LAUT concert hall (carrer Vila i Vila, 61) with more guests about the interesting Polish scene.