The Kosmopolis literature festival, now in its twelfth year, will once again turn all the spaces of the CCCB into meeting places for readers to meet writers, poets, philosophers, filmmakers, scientists, musicians, playwrights, comic artists, storytellers, scriptwriters, journalists, actors, librarians and publishers from all over the world.

As usual, Kosmopolis will promote literature in all its transmission formats (oral, written, on paper, on electronic devices, on stage, with music or on the big screen) and will combine talks, readings and lectures with screenings, concerts and live arts.

In each edition Kosmopolis renews the spirit that drove its birth: to be an appointment with art and freedom inspired by the ancient idea that we are citizens of the cosmos, citizens of the universe.

The 2023 edition of Kosmpolis

We were an ocean, we are water. This water feels, vibrates, keeps memories, creates, sings and writes. Oceanic literature stands as an immense treasure in the collective imagination, a profound testimony of the lessons that the seas have given us. This vast tale progresses through storms, dreams and conquests, until it reaches the astonishing discovery of what moves us. Oceanic literature spans all literary genres. The twelfth edition of Kosmopolis will transport us from ancient odysseys to the challenges of the Anthropocene era. This year, our origins will be reclaimed in order to glimpse the future that awaits us.

In Kosmopolis 2023, literature will listen carefully to the oceans and become a vessel that will take us to explore unknown territories. Closer to us, we will cross the Mediterranean to visit Morocco, a place where diverse artistic expressions and courageous voices that liberate the word converge. We will navigate through shared imaginary worlds and welcome the clamor of those who write in search of freedom, unafraid to express and reflect on the world. In addition, we will explore marine mythologies and delve into the play of non-human intelligences. During five days full of energy and enthusiasm, we will enjoy dialogues, colloquiums, recitals, performances, installations, concerts and workshops. It will be a celebration in which literature will expand and resonate strongly.

Featured K23 participants

Nariné Abgarián, Eva Baltasar, Mahi Binebine, Ai Futaki, Manuel Forcano, Gaston Core, Fabio Genovesi, Deborah Levy, Sara Mesa and Philippe Sands are some of the names of an edition that incorporates the voices of the oceans, addresses freedom of expression and brings us closer to the cultural fabric of Morocco.

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