The Kosmopolis literature festival, which is running for five days in its eleventh edition, will once again turn all the CCCB spaces into meeting places for readers with writers, screenwriters, playwrights, musicians, and journalists from around the world.

As usual, Kosmopolis will promote literature in all its transmission formats (oral, written, on paper, on electronic devices, on stage, with music or on the big screen) and will combine talks, readings and conferences with screenings, concerts and live arts.

The Literature That’s Coming

The 2021 edition of Kosmopolis will be a moment of reunion to celebrate the word and collectively reflect on our future. Under the motto "The Literature That’s Coming", Kosmopolis21 will focus on science fiction as a great literary genre that transcends borders and traditions. With the exhibitions "Mars. The red mirror" and "Science friction" currently underway at the CCCB, this cultural center in El Raval will become the epicenter of science and science fiction: it will talk about travel to space, of collapsing planets and new habitable planets, of utopias and dystopias and of great stories that explain our place in the cosmos.

K21 compost

The general: from science we extract the method of trial and error; from philosophy the questions that nobody asks; from poetry the consciousness of what does not yet have a name; from mysticism the search for transcendence. Let's add more elements: myths, the need to create and tell stories that give meaning to our lives. Now the concrete, the current: a literature for the climatic emergency, biocentric consciousness and the birth of a multiplanetary future; a literature that rejects classifications and each work explores uncharted territories. Science needs fiction to be desired. Fiction needs science to be credible. Literary species mutate, like species. It is literature, which always amplifies us. The literature that is coming, the literature that is coming.

The 4 sections of the K21

  • Experimental mythologies: science fiction as a factory for the new myths that will be formed.
  • Anthropocene liturgies: literary proposals in the broadest sense, because literature is not only written, it is also recited, interpreted, sung or filmed.
  • The journey that does not stop: the pleasant and voluntary displacements, the deep meaning of wandering, but also the accidental trips, the unwanted migrations and the escapes of horror and death. Since Homer, the journey has founded us in perpetual motion.
  • Dialogues K: section that focuses on dialogue with leading authors of our time.

Featured Participants of Kosmopolis 2021

The eleventh edition of Kosmopolis will feature among others Werner Herzog, José Eduardo Agualusa, Borja Bagunyà, Lana Bastašić, Mia Couto, Ted Chiang, Claudia Durastanti, Verónica Gerber, Víctor García Tur, Pol Guasch, Kameron Hurley, Fatoumata Kébé, Hervé Le Tellier, Stefanie Kremser, Alicia Kopf, Robert Macfarlane, Inés Macpherson, Maggie O'Farrell, Pau Riba, Irenosen Okojie, Sebastià Portell, Revista Branca, Oriol Sauleda and Tatiana Țîbuleac.

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How to get there

Metro: L1L2 Universitat

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