Kosmopolis Literature Festival


Kosmopolis literature festival, which in its tenth edition maintains the five days, will convert all the CCCB spaces into meeting places for readers with writers of books, scriptwriters, playwrights, musicians and journalists from around the world. As usual, Kosmopolis promotes literature in all forms (oral, written, on paper, in electronic devices, on stage, with music or on the big screen) and will combine lectures, readings and conferences with screenings, concerts and live arts.

The stories that move the world

With the motto "The stories that move the world", Kosmopolis will revolve around the stories of the 21st century that try to make sense of the world we have created. In the media in general and the digital media in particular, everything is or can be susceptible of becoming a story, that is, in stories, narrations, fictions or short stories. To discuss these stories, will participate Han Kang, Enrique Vila-Matas, Julian Barnes, Mona Eltahawy, Susan Orlean, Gonçalo Tavares, Philip Ball, Laura Bates and Éric Sadin among many others.

Kosmpolis by themes (2019 edition)

  • Dialogues K: section that focuses on dialogue with leading authors of our time.
  • The quantum story: quantum physics has changed our conception of reality, but also poses a philosophical, ethical and literary challenge.
  • The feminist revolution: the new feminisms: the struggle for equality, the role of women in the fight against climate change and the practice of sorority, a term that refers to solidarity among women.
  • Transitions of capitalism: Post-capitalist literature, from the singularity to the risks of an increased humanity without knowledge or control of the technologies that dominate the world.
  • Story Lab: a space to expose, discuss and test new tools and supports for the stories that move the world.
  • The stories that inspire Kubrick: the end of the exhibition "Stanley Kubrick" approaches and this edition of Kosmopolis explores the stories that inspire the Kubrick universe.
  • Plural scene: Performances, recitals, concerts, Poetry Slam, dramatized readings and film premieres.
  • Literature in network: to promote links with the UNESCO Barcelona City of Literature Office, with the European platform Literature Across Frontiers and with the network of Libraries of Barcelona and the Diputació de Barcelona.
  • Xcèntric Archive: a file of over a thousand avant-garde and experimental film titles that can be consulted freely. The days of the festival presents the Kosmopolis Menu, a selection of pieces to get to know the world of experimental cinema through literature or literature through experimental cinema.

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