SUNCINE (International Environment Film Festival)


The International Festival of Environmental Cinema (FICMA), which in this edition changes its name to be called SUNCINE, was born with the intention of being a pioneer festival and world reference in environmental cinema. And they have achieved it, there are already 26 editions through which thousands of films and documentaries have passed from many countries. The 2019 program -which arrives with great world, European and Spanish premieres, and with the participation of Leonardo DiCaprio, Javier Bardem and Dan Aykryod, among others- includes 100 projects where environmental activism is the protagonist.

In this edition there will be new sections such as “SUNCINE EDU”, for the little ones and “SUNCINE FOR FUTURE”, to promote environmental activism and against climate change led by young people. A global movement with the young Swedish Greta Thunberg at the helm.

Featured films and documentaries of 2019

This year highlights "Sea of ​​Shadows", produced by DiCaprio, "Santuary", directed by Álvaro Longoria and starring Javier Bardem, and "Defend, Conserve, Protect", narrated by Dan Aykroyd, which will open the Festival. Ten premiere documentary films in Spain will be in the official section and therefore opt for the golden sun. In addition, "Scott and Milá", the program of Mercedes Milá, which broadcasts Movistar +, will receive special recognition for spreading environmental awareness from television.

A very special Golden Sun

Each year the organization awards the Special Golden Sun Award to a person or entity in recognition of their awareness work carried out in environmental activism and in the world of cinema. This year's will be handed over to the NGO Earth League International for its fight to prevent the extinction of the sea cow.

SUNCINE sections

Official section

10 prestigious documentaries from eight countries (Argentina, United States, Spain, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Luxembourg and Mexico) produced in the last year, compete for the "Golden Sun". The winner of the Golden Sun for Best Documentary at SUNCINE will get a € 5,000 cash prize.

Premiere section

The premieres section out of competition, and the opening and closing films.

Planet section

Documentaries with high informative and didactic content, which together with the Official Section show the importance of cinema as a transformative tool to save our planet. The documentaries compete for a prize of € 1000.

Gratuito / Gratuïta / Free

Views section

A section of short films that focuses the camera in an ironic, fun, imaginative way, without forgetting the claim about the social and environmental situation of our planet. Section with prize; in this case € 500.


Dedicated to childhood, youth and families. It also includes the workshop aimed at children: stop motion and cinema "Stories of a planet" in which they will learn about environmental situations and will help them produce their first short of environmental issues with stop motion techniques.


The youth fight for CLIMATE EMERGENCY is the protagonist on Friday, November 8 at the Girona cinemas. This cycle gives visibility to a collection of shorts starring the youngest.


It is the section for audiovisual and environmental professionals. Workshops, conferences and debates are organized.

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