The Captive Gaze


The daguerreotype was the first photographic technique to be invented. It was announced and disseminated during the year 1839 and caused a deep fascination among broad sections of the population in all countries. Was their success due to the way those little silver plates seemed to trap the enigma of human identity?

The captive gaze shows us 104 images from the collection of daguerreotypes of the Center for Research and Diffusion of the Imaging (CDRI) of the Girona City Council, one of the most important due to the relevance and variety of its pieces. The exhibition also represents the launch of the exhibition line that KBr wants to dedicate on a regular basis to promoting the dissemination of photographic collections of Catalan institutions. The exhibition is completed with a selection of the devices and materials used in the daguerreotype, from the Museu del Cinema de Girona, which helps to understand the visual culture of the time.

With the ticket price you can also see the exhibition "Claudia Andujar".