Brain Film Fest | International film festival about the brain


All film festivals, all films are directed to the brain. We already know that many point to the heart, or to the stomach, but do not forget that these "emotional" organs have thousands of neurons that are connected to the brain. This festival is about the brain. Point to your brain so that you think about the brain, which is the big protagonist. The Brain Film Fest is a meeting point that aims to inform about the different aspects of this fascinating viscera (yes, yes, it is a viscera like the pancreas), it wants to show us its wonderful capabilities and conditions, and the diseases that threaten it. In addition to the screenings, the Brain Film Fest holds talks and workshops to promote audiovisual creation on the different themes that the festival deals with.

The 2021 edition of the Brain Film Festival

The last few months have taken their toll on our mental health, both individually and collectively. As the symptoms of the virus subside, we will still face the psychic consequences of the trauma, a Brain Crash. Through films, round tables and colloquia, the Brain Film Fest 2021 opens a reflection on mental health, its fragility and its challenges. A multidimensional look at a Brain Crash understood as a crack from which something new can sprout, and not as an irreparable earthquake.

The Solé Tura Award

At the Brain Film Festival, a prize is awarded, the Solé Tura, in homage to the figure of Jordi Solé. Its objective is to sensitize, raise awareness and give greater value to the act of living and living with neurodegenerative diseases. The award was established in 2009 with the aforementioned objective, but little by little it has been opened to all works that speak in a broad way about the brain, its diseases, but also its capacities and knowledge. Currently, the idea of ​​the organizers is to turn the award into a thematic festival of international reference.

The Brain Film Fest is promoted and organized by the Pasqual Maragall Foundation and co-organized with the Uszheimer Foundation and the Minimal Films Production Company.

Except for the workshops, admission is free, although you have to register in advance.