The black novel festival BCNegra 2021, which reaches its sixteenth edition, has positioned itself as one of the most important events of the black genre in terms of the number of participating writers, the variety of content and the commitment to other cultural expressions in relation to gender and the success of the public in all the activities carried out. All BCNegra activities are free and you can attend talks, round tables, screenings, exhibitions and guided tours, which in this year's edition will be held virtually and you will be able to see or retrieve until the last day of the event (the guided tours can follow them on podcast and do them on your own)..

La Rambla or Las Ramblas

In his Secret Guide to Barcelona (1974), Josep Maria Carandell said that, speaking of this famous avenue, the inhabitants of Barcelona could declare themselves monotheists or polytheists depending on whether they spoke of La Rambla or Las Ramblas. Officially it is La Rambla, but popularly we refer to it as Las Ramblas, and not only because it is divided into several sections. This multiple Rambla is the protagonist of BCNegra 2021. There are authors waiting for you who tell us about crimes, but also about the dark aspects of our societies. This is how Manuel Vázquez Montalbán did it and this is also what Joyce Carol Oates does, winner of the Pepe Carvalho 2021 award. She and many other authors invite you to enjoy, even virtually, a Rambla that continues to reflect the world.

Pepe Carvalho Award

Barcelona is on the black and criminal map of southern Europe thanks to Manuel Vázquez Montalbán and his fictional detective, Pepe Carvalho. In fact, the character contributed significantly to the revival of the genre in the continent. In memory of the teacher and his detective, every year a national or international author receives the Pepe Carvalho Prize. In this year's edition, as we have already mentioned, the prize has been awarded to Joyce Carol Oates for the treatment she offers from different perspectives of the phenomenon of violence and its psychological and social significance; the particular way she has to mix genres with a thriller structure; the extremely literary nature of her immersion in the genre to expand it.