The crime fiction festival BCNegra, which reaches its 19th edition, has positioned itself as one of the most important events of the crime fiction genre in terms of the number of participating writers, the variety of content and the commitment to other cultural expressions in relation to the genre and the success of public in all activities developed. All BCNegra activities are free (except for the screenings at the Filmoteca de Catalunya) and you can follow talks, round tables, screenings, exhibitions, guided tours, a musical performance, a play and literary meetings (writers talk with other colleagues).

BCNegra's motto for 2024: Spies like us

The evolution of interest in the theme of espionage has undergone a remarkable change in recent years, from being considered old-fashioned to being relevant in today's society. BCNegra has organized an edition where each activity carries the title of a work by Graham Greene, recognizing the topicality of issues such as state espionage and the invasion of privacy in a world saturated with information. Geopolitics, terrorism and bloc politics have brought espionage back into the news, where information becomes power for some and vulnerability for most. Technology has transformed our relationship to privacy, making us both spies and spied upon. This year's theme, "Spies Like Us," resonates with opportunity, offering an excuse to explore the work of diverse authors and guest characters at BCNegra, including names such as Seicho Matsumoto, M. Antònia Oliver, Jo Nesbø, Eduardo Mendoza, and many more.

Pepe Carvalho Award

Barcelona is on the black and criminal map of southern Europe thanks to Manuel Vázquez Montalbán and his fictional detective, Pepe Carvalho. In fact, the character contributed significantly to the renaissance of the genre on the continent. In memory of the master and his detective, every year a national or international author receives the Pepe Carvalho Award. In its nineteenth edition in 2024, the Pepe Carvalho Award has been granted to the writer Jo Nesbø by the jury chaired by Carlos Zanón. They highlight the Norwegian author's unique creation in the police thriller with extraordinary literary levels, highlighting his solvency, ambition and narrative generosity throughout his career. The jury's report praises the addiction that Nesbø's work has aroused in readers since the beginning of his literary career.

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