If you have chosen or are considering Barcelona as your next holiday destination or you are coming for work, studies or any other reason, our guide, your guide, will help you plan your trip. First, the accommodation...

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...a hotel, an apartment or a B & B? The options are numerous but it is not only about the accommodation, it is the area, which is better for me? Then you will arrive in Barcelona, ​​at an airport and again you will have to choose. You can check your options, if you prefer the bus, the metro or the train, and the transport cards, they are several, and they adapt to the needs of each visitor. You want it easier, you prefer a taxi, a private transfer service or a shared transfer. In WeBarcelona you will find answers and information and if not, in the comments section of each page you can ask us. But no, you do not arrive by plane, you travel by car and you want to book a parking space as close as possible to your hotel or apartment. No, you do not mind to park farther away, you want parking as cheap as possible. Here you will find them, even car parks around Barcelona and other areas of Catalonia. You are already in your accommodation, now the city. Again, this Barcelona guide will help you. What to visit, what to see, what events you can attend and you prefer to buy tickets in advance, to skip the lines, when possible. And more, you want more experiences: walking tours, bicycle, segway, car or even helicopter tours; or rent an electric bicycle to go your way and get further with less effort. These and many more are the tools, now it's up to you to choose them and build your own experience of our city. We hope you like it. Welcome to Barcelona, ​​welcome to WeBarcelona.

Prepare your trip to Barcelona

Arrive in Barcelona

What to do, what to visit

Events in Barcelona

Events in Barcelona

Exhibitions that will make you reflect, learn, either in important museums or small galleries. Concerts in the most prestigious halls or in small bars full of history. An activity for the whole family? You have it. And in this Barcelona guide you will find free events, things to do without spending one euro, pound, dollar, yen, yuan, ruble, dirham...

  • Sagrada Família - Antoni Gaudí Sagrada Família - Antoni GaudíThe Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is the most famous work of Antoni Gaudí (Reus, 1852 - Barcelona, ​​1926) and the clearest exponent of his visionary genius.Read more
  • Park Güell - Antoni Gaudí Park Güell - Antoni Gaudí

    Park Güell (1900-1905), initially conceived as an English-style garden city, is perhaps the most unique of the many works that Eusebi Güell commissioned from Gaudí.…Read more

  • Tickets Camp Nou Experience | Tour + Museum FC Barcelona Tickets Camp | Tour + Museum FC BarcelonaWith the Camp Nou Experience you can do the same route as the players when they go out to the stadium, interact with the history of FC Barcelona and revive the emotion…Read more
  • The Aquarium of Barcelona The Aquarium of BarcelonaThe Aquarium of Barcelona opened its doors in 1995. It is situated in the Port Vell of Barcelona. The aquarium is a magical and mysterious world with about 11,000…Read more
  • Picasso Museum Barcelona Picasso Museum BarcelonaThe Picasso Museum of Barcelona, ​​inaugurated in 1963, has the most important and exhaustive collection of Pablo Picasso's youth and training works, especially those…Read more
  • Casa Batlló Casa Batlló - Antoni GaudíThis building built between 1904 and 1906 is a fantastic combination of colors and forms located on Passeig de Gràcia of Barcelona, on the island of houses known as the…Read more

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