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The Aquàrium of Barcelona was inaugurated in 1995. Since then, it has become the most important Mediterranean-themed aquarium in the world. In its different aquariums and sections, swim, float or rest on the bottom, about 11,000 specimens of 450 species of aquatic animals. L'Aquàrium is among the five most visited tourist attractions in Barcelona.

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The star of the aquarium is the Oceanarium, unique in Europe, with two kinds of sharks, and other types of fish. A spectacular transparent tunnel takes the visitor underwater, giving the sensation of walking on the seabed.


L'Aquàrium de Barcelona is a unique experience for both children and adults.

The aquariums and sections of L'Aquàrium de Barcelona

The Oceanarium

This is the largest aquarium in the entire facility. It contains 4 million liters of water that are distributed in a space of 36 meters in diameter and 5 meters deep. As we have mentioned, its waters are home to two types of sharks (the bull shark -Carcharias taurus- and the Milberto's silky shark -Carcharhinus plumbeus-), and other types of fish of great interest such as sunfish, rays and moray eels. The transparent tunnel that runs through the Oceanarium underwater has a length of 80 meters and will allow you to be just a few centimeters away from the sharks and other species.

Mediterranean Aquariums

The Mediterranean and its most characteristic species are perfectly represented in 15 aquariums. Each one shows a different type of marine species that inhabit specific areas of the Mediterranean. You can even see two recreations of protected areas of our coasts: the Ebro Delta and the Medas Islands. In the rest of the aquariums you will see species that live among the posidonia, in caves and crevices, or among the red coral.

Tropical aquariums

9 tropical aquariums representing the typical ecosystems of the Red Sea, the Caribbean Sea and the Australian Great Barrier Reef. You can also see venomous fish and sharks from tropical waters.

Themed aquariums

The themed aquariums of the Aquarium of Barcelona are small tanks that allow visibility to small species. They represent marine invertebrates (sea urchins and starfish), seahorses, tropical corals and sea dragons, among others.

Planeta Aqua

Planeta Aqua shows many of the creatures that have adapted to the most extreme conditions of the aquatic environment: the freezing cold, the darkness of the abysses, the warm tropical waters... In this section you will find an area with Humboldt penguins, another with species that withstand enormous pressures, and a tropical area with piranhas, turtles and iguanas. You can also admire how different types of rays swim in an open tank of 20,000 liters of water, and observe living fossils, and phenomena such as camouflage or symbiosis. With various interactive devices and small aquariums you can learn a lot about the sea and its species.

Jewels of the Sea

A permanent exhibition of the jewels of the seas and oceans: mollusks and their shells. This is a very varied and evolutionarily successful group, which has managed to colonize many environments. Clams, oysters, octopuses, squids, slugs and snails are some examples.

Explore! Children's area

An interactive space at L'Aquàrium de Barcelona containing more than 50 interactive elements to touch, look and listen, and therefore to investigate and discover. In this section, three environments of the Mediterranean coast are represented: the marshes of the Ebro Delta, an underwater cave of the Medes Islands and a corner of the Costa Brava.

The aquatic and terrestrial world in a single pass: L'Aquàrium and the Zoo

If you want to enjoy twice as much, and meet both aquatic and terrestrial animals, you can buy this pass that will give you access to L'Aquàrium and the Barcelona Zoo. Plus you will get a 10% discount on your next purchase.


Where is it?

Ciutat Vella - Barceloneta
Zip code
Moll d'Espanya del Port Vell, s/n
(+34) 93 221 7474

How to get there

Metro: L3 Drassanes, L4 Barceloneta.


Estaré en barcelona, desde argentina desde el 26 de setiembre al 10 de octubre.
Podrán pasarme una agenda de eventos???

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