Maria Canals, Pianos in the street


As part of the activities of the OFF Competition, the association of the Barcelona International Music Competition of Barcelona, places grand pianos in various public spaces in Barcelona and other cities in Spain. Pianos, personalized with messages like "Sit down, I'm in your hands", are available to anyone who wants to play them, even if they do not even know how to play the piano. Throughout the day, a facilitator accompanies the piano, whose function is to invite pedestrians to play this instrument. Sometimes they organize didactic sessions for children and performances developed by music students, amateurs, professionals and contestants of the Maria Canals.

With this project, the association wants to break the social and mental barriers that exist with music in general and the piano in particular. The grand piano symbolizes, more than any other instrument, the sacralization of a certain music considered cultured and difficult, as well as the inaccessibility to musical practice. To help eliminate that idea the pianos are placed directly on the pavement, without carpets or pallets.