Swab Barcelona

Trade fair/Congress

Swab Barcelona, ​​founded in 2006 by private collector Joaquín Díez-Cascón, is an international art fair that brings together galleries, artists, curators and collectors from around the world. Its objective since it was founded is to introduce young and emerging artists with talent from the current panorama of contemporary art.

The 2020 edition of SWAB

This year's edition, the thirteenth, will be online and 75 galleries and about 200 artists will participate. Due to the current situation, the fair can be visited in 3D through a mobile App that will recreate the pavilion and its galleries digitally. The fair seeks to facilitate online collecting through microcredits offered by Fintonic to buy works. To give you an idea of ​​the prices, in this edition the cheapest work costs € 10 and the most expensive € 24,000.

Asia is the new benchmark for 2020. The programs Focus Korea, which will feature four Korean galleries, and Video Box, which will host six galleries from territories such as Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines, reflect the creative impulse of the Asian continent.

Other curated programs such as On Paper or Ephemeral are consolidated, and the General Program returns with the Emerging sub-program, which is joined by SWAB Seed, MY FAF (My First Art Fair) and SWAB Reading. This year, SWAB did not want to leave the little ones without their artistic experience, so it adapts its Kids space to the online world through an interactive game,

50% percent of the participating artists are women, in an edition marked not only by equality, but also by works that reflect the Covid-19 crisis and the relationship between nature and technology.