"Quantum" is an international project that has its origins in Collide International, the most important Arts at CERN program that is carried out in collaboration with FACT Liverpool. In the last three years a group of artists were invited to reside in the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research, located in Geneva) to develop their artistic practice. The objective was to establish a dialogue with engineers and particle physicists. "Quantum" brings together the ten works produced thanks to this exchange * (artistic itinerary), and presents nine windows that introduce the work of research in the laboratory (scientific itinerary), developed from the theories of quantum mechanics. The merging of the two itineraries, the artistic and the scientific, forms a multifaceted panorama that raises new questions and connections to better understand a seemingly invisible reality, and the impact it has on our lives.

Artistic itinerary

  • Semiconductor, The View from Nowhere, 2018
  • Juan Cortés, Supralunar, 2018
  • Lea Porsager, CØSMIC STRIKE, 2018
  • HRM199, one1one, 2018
  • James Bridle, A State of Sin, 2018
  • Yunchul Kim, Cascade, 2018
  • Yu-Chen Wang, We aren’t able to prove that just yet, but we know it’s out there, 2018
  • Julieta Aranda, Stealing One’s own Corpse (an alternative set of footholds for an ascent into the dark) – Part 3: Politics without oxygen, 2018
  • Suzanne Treister, The Holographic Universe Theory of Art History (THUTOAH), 2018
  • Diann Bauer, Scalar Oscillation, 2018

Scientific itinerary

  • Scales: where do we need quantum mechanics?
  • Quantum states: how do we describe nature?
  • Overlay: can two options overlap?
  • Interlacing: can two particles depend on one another?
  • Indeterminacy: can we know with total certainty?
  • Randomness: does chance exist?
  • Open science: who created quantum mechanics?
  • Change-evolution: what can be done with a quantum computer?
  • Daily quantum: do we know how much quantum mechanics there is in our life?

The exhibition, curated by Mónica Bello and José Carlos Mariátegui and with the advice of physicist José Ignacio Latorre, has been co-produced by ScANNER (Science and Art Network for New Exhibitions and Research), CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva) , FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool), CCCB (Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona), IMAL (Interactive Media Arts Laboratory, Brussels) and Le Lieu Unique (Nantes).

Due to the La Mercè festival, this exhibition can be visited for free on September 23 and 24.

* The presentation of the ten works of international artists, was made for the first time at the Liverpool FACT with the title of "Broken Symmetries".

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