Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience en Barcelona


The Meet Vincent Van Gogh Experience is the first official exhibition created by the Van Gogh Museum experts about the work and life of the great Dutch painter. The curious thing about this exhibition is that no authentic Van Gogh painting are exhibited. The reason: they are too fragile to be transported. It seems that this "inconvenience" is actually what has given strength to the exhibition, because they have managed to create a totally immersive experience, thanks to real-scale projections, photographs, video fragments, detailed reproductions, interactive multimedia animations, theatrical sets, audio-visual fragments and phrases extracted from more than 800 letters.

For the whole family

This temporary experience, designed for the whole family, will allow you to know the true story of Van Gogh thanks to the best audiovisual techniques: multisensory scenes, sets that recreate the works of the painter and intriguing narrations. You can also see the details of your paintings through a special microscope and touch the reproductions of the original works of art, to feel the stroke of the brushstrokes.

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