The Magic Kings Parade


As usual the traditional Barcelona parade starts at 16:30 h in the Moll de la Fusta. Their Majesties will arrive in the Santa Eulalia boat accompanied by his entourage of fantastic creatures and of the royal postmen who will still collecting the letters with the wishes of the children for the most magical night of the year.

What is the route of the Magic Kings Parade of 2019?

After arriving by boat, the kings will prepare to start the parade around the city from 18:00 h on the avenue Marquès de l'Argentera. It will last until approximately 21:00 h. The Kings and their entourage will pass through Pla de Palau, Paseo de Isabel II, Vía Laietana, Plaza Urquinaona, Fontanella, Plaza Catalunya, Pelai, Plaza Universitat, Ronda Sant Antoni, Sepúlveda, Avenida Paral·lel, Plaza Espanya, Avenida Reina Maria Cristina y Avenida Francesc Ferrer i Guardia (Magic Fountain of Montjuïc). As hourly references, through Plaza Catalunya will pass around 19:10 h, by Sepulveda street with Urgell about 20:05 h and at 20:50 h by Plaza Espanya.

Three Kings Parade route in Barcelona

Tons of candies

In 2019 Senyor Hivern, the Great Llibre de les Coses Petites and the rest of the protagonists of Christmas this year will open the Parade. They will be followed by the royal floats and all the typical characters of this parade. The royal floats will be full of toys ... except one, which will carry the coal (In the Spanish tradition, children who have not behaved well instead of toys receive charcoal. This only in theory, because it almost never happens although coal is always present, but it's sweet!). Of course, there will also be the floats that carry sweets and candy throwers, great job !, that will launch thousands to all the children to farewall Christmas sweetly.

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