imaginCafé, imagin's brand space, is a cultural space in Barcelona that organizes monthly free attractive cultural proposals with leading artists, in the form of live talks, exhibitions or workshops. Its most relevant activities are talks, talks about music, creativity and technology, which are the thematic axes of imaginCafé. They are grouped into three areas:

Sound Stories

A space hosted by music journalist Javier Blánquez where references from the music industry share their concerns and feelings while analyzing their career on stage.

Creative Visions

Moderated by cultural journalist Leticia Blanco, it delves into creativity and the creative process with all kinds of relevant artists, from writers or film directors to graphic designers.

Bits & Bots

The playground of techno-artist Mónica Rikić to imagine, together with technological artists and digital creators, new scenarios related to robotics, artificial intelligence and neurotechnology.
Other activities: Sho-up, Expo, Masterclasses,

Other activities: Sho-up, Expo, Masterclasses, Workshops and Rising

In imaginCafé they also accommodate fashion designers and emerging artists with their Shop-Up and Expo formats, providing them with a monthly space in their facilities to exhibit their pieces and works of art. Their desire for constant learning leads them to organize monthly classes or face-to-face workshops with professionals from numerous disciplines in the form of Masterclass and Workshops. In addition, they have a Rising program for young creators and entrepreneurs in which they offer their space to carry out their initiatives.