Flux- Auteur independent video creation festival


The author video festival FLUX presents works by artists working in the field of video creation: video art, video installations, documentary, etc. In this thirteenth edition, the central authors of Flux are three artists linked to the city of Madrid: Fernando Baños-Fidalgo, Ana Rodríguez León and Zavan Films. As usual, there will be monographic screenings, talks with the authors and the release of their Self-portraits, which are unpublished works expressly created for the festival. In addition the presente the silent video installation FLUX MUT with "The Kafkian Suitcase" by Nora Ancarola, and the collective video installation FLUX VideoCapsa that experiments with alternative formats of exhibition (10 creators, 10 unpublished pieces).

At the inauguration the installations will be presented and the colloquium with the main authors will take place. The inaugural day will end with INFLUX - Mix-en-scene: performance by Amaranta Velarde & Alba Corral (DJ set choreographic audiovisual).

Opening: 11/12 at 18:00h

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