Festes de Sant Josep Oriol

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The Fiesta de San José Oriol is full of popular culture activities, diverse and for all ages. Many acts are performed by the Gegants del Pi, which are some of the oldest in Catalonia: the first reference of its main characters, Mustafá and Elisenda, is from 1601, and that of Oriol and Laia, from 1780. For several days it was they enact the legend of the saint and the robberies of the Catalan bandit Perot Rocaguinarda, who was a neighbor of the quarter. Also outstanding among the activities of this party, the night parade of the Giants and Gegantons del Pi, the parade of the Oriols, and the encounter of giants, big heads and bestiary on Sunday, which closes the weekend of celebrations with a final dance.

The Festes of San José Oriol is celebrated since 1995, when the Association of Friends of the Gegants del Pi and the merchants and neighbors of the quarter decided to remember the figure of Josep Oriol (saint who was born and lived in the area the second half of the 17th century , very revered for his dedication to the sick and the poor) with a variety of events around the festivity.