Great trips are not exclusive to anyone, contrary to what many people think, you do not have to be too adventurous or rich, nor have the most advanced means, nor be polyglot to undertake them. Touring the world by bike, sailing the oceans by boat, touring America from end to end or Southeast Asia with no return date are trips within reach of everyone. The main thing is to propose and prepare it. The Days of the great trips will bring to the participants the experience of globetrotters who have made sensational trips, of several months or years, by bicycle, by boat, in broken cars, by motorcycle, by public transport, with their children, using barter ... The means, the possibilities and the adventures are enormous. Knowing the experiences directly from its protagonists, learning from their experiences, discovering their tricks and enjoy listening to dozens of traveling anecdotes are the objectives of these Iati Days of the great trips. Because of its approach and theme, it is a unique traveler event in Spain.

The 2023 edition of the IATI Days of the great trips

This year there will be 16 conferences, interviews, master classes and round tables featuring brave people who made the decision to leave their work, home, family and comforts to embark on journeys that lasted months, years and even completely transformed their lives. Fascinating people like Dani Ku, who has lived and traveled by bike since 2014 will participate. Also present will be Laia Zurdo and Esteve Bosch, who traveled through Africa for a year. Another notable guest is Daniel Benedicto, who traversed the Himalayas on foot and Mongolia on horseback during his two-year hitchhiking tour of Asia. In addition, Julia del Olmo , in a six-month adventure, reached Mongolia on a 125 cc motorcycle that she bought for only one thousand euros.

This edition will be a hybrid experience, combining face-to-face activities with streaming transmissions, which will allow hundreds of travel enthusiasts to participate during the three days it lasts.

Program and tickets

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Zip code
Eixample Dreta
Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm, Carrer del Rosselló, 515
Biblioteca Jaume Fuster, Plaça de Lesseps 20

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