Dau Barcelona Games Festival


Dau Barcelona is a festival of table games but attention is not a festival aimed at children, the Dau is a festival for all ages, with its own space for children's games. From the age of five, everyone will find a space in the Dau. The festival is celebrated on November 23 and 24 in the Fabra i Coats venue and in the Can Fabra square, but days before, presentation activities are organized in several civic centers and activities in schools and homes for the elderly (Escuelas al Dau and Dau Senior). The night before the start of the Gran Dau (which is what is called the main core of the festival) the Dau Barcelona 2019 Awards will be presented at the Sant Andreu Teatre to the best authors of games in the world.

DAU sections

  • Gran DAU: Almost 250 game tables for all types of players. In the Gran Dau you can discover the latest news and classics that have triumphed in recent years. Just sit down and play, and if you have any questions, don't worry, at each table a demonstrator will answer your questions.
  • DAUET: The Dauet is the space where publishers specialized in children's games present their catalog for children from 5 to 12 years old.
  • DAU Pro: Relationship space for publishers, authors, illustrators, press, distributors, stores, clubs and other players in the gaming world.
  • DAU at night: A whole night to not stop playing, thanks to the immense playroom of the association Ayudar Jugando.
  • Historic DAU with Alpha Ares: The space of historical simulation games or wargames, strategy games that represent historical or fantastic events.
  • Traditional DAU: Popular games of Catalonia, learning of kendama, the great Japanese game, initiation and learning of yoyó, and sample of traditional games of Brittany.
  • The schools in the DAU: Up to eight hundred fifth and sixth grade students from the schools of Sant Andreu visit Dau Barcelona, ​​in advance of the festival.
  • DAU in the quarters: Simultaneous presentation of the festival in eleven municipal facilities in all districts of the city.
  • Senior DAU: Activities in nursing homes for a group that likes to play and helps keep memory in shape.

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